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die, fanboy, die

I know I said this before but it bears repeating:

People who go to bookstores and then proceed to sit - usually while reading an entire book (and that book is, without fail, either a tits and ass manga or Marvel superhero book) - cross-legged on the floor in the graphic novels section, thereby taking up the entire aisle and never, ever making an attempt to move or get their ass up when someone is trying to look at the shelves they are blocking, should be SHOT.

It is a bookstore. Not your living room. Buy the fucking book and take it home. Or if you're going to browse at least have the decency to go sit in one of the many comfy chairs that places like Borders affords you instead of sitting right there in the stacks touching yourself while you read.

That is all.



But it is fine if I crash out on one of the chairs reading one book or parts of a couple? just checking.

What is the max time allowed in one of those chairs? I have tried to follow the one hour rule, if I have a couple of books or the one cup of coffee rule for one book.

But please, why would you sit in the aisle? People's shoes are dirty. gross.

Fortunately, I never shop for T&A manga or comic books...

Seriously, it is rude, but my generation decided that manners weren't necessary anymore. Society went along, which proved to be a huge mistake.

Damn neo-hippies. lol

I would stand next to him, pretending to be deciding what to buy, and then "accidentally" drop a book on his head.

It's even better when fan-boy is sitting in a chair at B&N blocking the history aisle, no one goes there. I usually wait till he nods off then ask the clerk for a book that the sleeping fan-boy is blocking access to it. I pray for our gene pool.

a well-placed air biscuit, followed by giggles as you walk away, could do wonders.

A fanboy isn't that bad...what's awful are the idiots on cell-phones.

After 25 seconds of an AWESOME!! ringtone, every damn conversation sounds like this:
"Hello...yeah, yeah, No shit? HAW HAW HAW, yeah, Oh God, NO SHIT! Uh huh, HAW HAW HAW!"

It's so annoying, I can hardly focus on my manga-donkey-sex books.

One of the advantages of a power wheelchair is that I can clear a book aisle without pissing anyone off as long as I don't let them see the smile on my face.

What, you think because a guy reads some comics he can't START SOME SHIT???

Nicely played :)

Didn't say they can't, usually they don't. And I would be sitting there with them if I could.

why don't you just say "excuse me"?