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teh funny


I just now discovered this guy, thanks to my daughter (I immediately returned the favor by lending her my Eddie Izzard collection).

I listened to the CD on the way in to work and, let me tell you, there's no better way to start the day than to laugh hysterically all the way to your office. Good thing my windows are tinted.

Dane's official site is here . He's made quite a few clips available, so go watch them if you have never seen him.

Now that I'm on this comedy kick, I'm looking for other comedians. I like Izzard, Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg. Anyone else like that out there? I've already turned a bunch of my comedy collection into mp3s - Carlin, old Eddie Murphy, Pryor, etc. I've also been on this old SNL kick, but I'll talk about that later.

Who's your favorite comedian?


A lot of people don't know he does standup, but Joe Rogan is brilliant on stage.

See also:

Ron White
Dave Atell
Lewis Black
Nick Di Paolo
Bobby Slater
Bobby Slaton
Kathleen Madigan
Doug Stanhope

Sam Kinoson will always hold a place in my heart. His first album was just killer from top to bottom.

Stephen Wright. How someone could talk so monotone and make you laugh is beyond me.

One of my favorites

"I just got skylights put in my place. The people who live above me are furious."

Emo Philips. Highly underrated. Amazingly surreal. Emo comes to the Twin Cities every now and then, and usually stops at KQRS for the Morning Show. I get strange looks on the bus when he's on, because I keep laughing out loud.

Also, Ron White. He's such a gleeful train-wreck of a person. The "tater salad" story alone is worth the time to listen to him. And there aren't a lot of comedians that work with a cigarette in one hand and a whiskey in the other.

I know I'm going to get beaten up on this, but if you want truly intelligent standup you absolutely cannot go past Woody Allen: The Nightclub Years double CD. Its truly brilliant but you have to be able to think.

If you don't want to think then Eddie's Delirious will be quoted for generations to come.

Ron White

George Carlin

Oliver Willis

Have you seen the clip of him on some late night talk show pretending to be Tom Cruise on Oprah? It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. I became an instant fan after seeing that.

Stephen Lynch has the worst, most mean-spirited comedy songs I have ever heard. "Lullabye" and "She's Got a Smile" are enough to make me laugh out loud even though I have heard them multiple times, and his new song "Beelz" is wonderful for the slam on Georgia alone. Hilarious, awful, and so catchy you won't be able to get them out of your head

I heart Stephen Lynch.

Denis Leary is one of my all time favorites. His "No Cure For Cancer" show was freaking hilarious.

Stephen Wright is killer too. My favorite by him? "I got powdered water the other day. I didn't know what to add to it."

Rodney Dangerfield is my favorite 'one-liner' comedian.

And though Bill Cosby is not one of my favorites, his concert, "Bill Cosby: Himself" to me is one of the all time funniest shows. I didn't care for it when I was younger, but after I got married and had kids, it all made sense and I still laugh my ass off when it's on.

Dane Cook is a comedic genius.



Dane Cook is a stitch! I've seen him live a couple of times.

Faves are Eddie Izzard (seen live twice), Steve Sweeney (local Boston comedian -- was the cop who zipped the zipper in 'Something About Mary'. He's wicked funny), Steve Martin, Denis Leary, and Bill Cosby.

the mouth of the mississippi, Jerry CLower. some funny shit.

Man, Emo Phillips was great back in the day!

My favorite comedian right now is actually David Sedaris, who isn't a comedian, really, but his take on the Scandinavian Christmas Tradition, "6 to 8 black men" is hilarious. I literally had to pull off the road a couple of times listening to his CDs.

Louis CK. Funniest man alive.

Get Dane Cook's last CD as well, if you don't have it. It comes with a DVD that has like 4 performances on it that are gold.

On my XM presets, Channel 150 is #1. That's the comedy channel and the minute my kids are out of the car, it is ON.

Dane Cook's Comedy Central Presents. . . is hysterical. The bit about being an altar boy is the best.

That being said, I think Eddie Murphy's Comedian is the BEST COMEDY ALBUM EVER. My best friend and I taped from the album, wore out the tapes and taped it again -- and we can still quote bits word for word to this day, 20 years later.

I'm a big Robert Schimmel fan when I'm in the "Blue" mood.

If you want good clean comedy that always is good for a good pants peeing you can't beat Brian Reagan

Love Mitch Hedberg and was so bummed when he died. He'd just kill me with his stuff.

"My apartment is infested with Koala bears,,,cutest infestation ever."

Just found out about Dane Cook myself in the past month or so and I downloaded his albums off iTunes.

Almost hurt myself trying not to laugh too hard at work.

We saw J.R. Broaugh (spelling?) recently and he was good. Funny man with a guitar talking mondern music and how nothing's changed in music.

Favorite bit but can't remember the comedian:

"Put on your seatbelt. I saw this in a cartoon once but I think we can make it."

He used to cut ping pong balls in half and color them like bloodshot eyes and put over his eyes.

I'm with JimK: Doug Stanhope

We were set to see Mitch in north Jersey a week after he died... very sad day. We did see Eddie Izzard though.

Dane Cook kicks ass, love the bit about the cashew on the new cd, almost crashed my car.

Dave Attell. Insomniac in Amsterdamn kicked ass.

Lynch is finally coming to Buffalo after he canceled his last show (Hedburgh was suppossed to open, ended up headlining, couple a months before he died) I Love "Vanilla" Song cracks mne up every time

Eddie Murphy's early stuff rocks, "Aunt Bunny's Fallin' down the Steps again!"

Stephen Wright, "There's a fine line between fishing, and standing on the shore looking like an idiot" So much funnier when you hear it in his monotone. Thought it was great when he was the voice of K-Billy Super Sounds of the 70's in Resevoir Dogs


I was going to recommend Stephen Lynch, but I see you already heart him. I knew you would.

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life as when I saw his show - and he was the opening act for another group. Poor group, it was pretty hard to follow up to Stephen Lynch.

I'll second Lewis Black, Dennis Leary and Ron White.

Old school: Bob Newhart. His stammering, Abe Lincoln-talking-to-a-Madison-Ave. executive bit is still hilarious to this day.

New blood: Jim Florentine. His phony phone calls are very funny, but his standup is absolutely killer.

Timmer, the name you are looking for is J.R. Brow. I have worked with the guy. He is funny and a nice guy to boot. I think his best days are ahead of him.

I just listened to most of the clips on Dane's site. My sides hurt from laughing so hard. Thanks Michele for introducing me to him!

As for other faves: Ron White, Dave Atell, Lewis Black, and Steven Wright.

I miss Lewis Grizzard.

Lots of others listed here that make me laugh.

Laughing is good.

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- Groucho Marx


I hate it when I screw up html and can't fix it, sorry.

Current favorites:

John Heffron, Louis CK, Auggie Smith, Jim Gaffigan, Stephen Lynch, Dwight Slade.

I always enjoyed the Rat Pack during their height from about 1960-1962. Whenever they show them on A&E or other channels...I must stop everything and watch them. Nothing beats their friendship, humor and their style!

David Cross - despite the BDS
Dave Attell
Judy Gold
Chris Rock
Eddie Izzard

I also love the XM Comedy, but they have a habit of overplaying Lewis Black & Kathleen Madigan. Every single time I get in the car, one of them comes on within ten minutes. I swear I've heard all of Madigan's CD already.

My favorites:

Dane Cook (my son Optimus Prime)
Eddie Izzard (I love his bit on Of Mice & Men, and his Star Trek bit)
Frank Caliendo (the John Madden guy)
Mitch Hedberg (Escalator temporarily stairs)
Jake Johannsen (Dogs are never depressed)
Jim Gaffigan (the guy with the "conscience" voice who comments on all his jokes)
Craig Shoemaker (the Lovemaster)
Monique Marvez (talks about sex)
Felicia Michaels (has a great routine about the wang)
Todd Barry (the yoga of comedy)
Bob Saget (you MUST see him live)
Greg Behrendt (who you, Michelle, will definitely relate to)
Bill Engvall (here's your sign)

I remember a guy who billed himself as "The Amazing Jonathan". He would do fake magic tricks, like bending a spoon with his mind (he'd hold the spoon in front of everyone and tell the audience to concentrate on the spoon, and then a pyro flash and bang would go off on the back of the stage, and he'd quickly bend the spoon while looking around and shouting "WHAT WAS THAT?!", then he'd look back at the audience and see the spoon and say , "Aha! The spoon is bent!"). I've used one of his other bits, where he grabs what looks like a Windex bottle and drinks the blue liquid, and says, "I was going to take off all my clothes and run around naked. This prevents streaking."

Run, don't walk, to get yourself a copy of "The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart." First comedy album ever to hit #1 on Billboard's charts. And for good reason. One of the funniest albums ever.

Stan Freeburg was a genius. Get as much of his stuff as you can.

The most brilliant, however, was Ernie Kovacs. There's a DVD set best-of from his TV show. When I was young, I stumbled across a couple LPs of his in the local library. Long since out of print, I believe. But great if you can find them.

I can't believe that no one has mentioned him yet, but...

Richard Pryor

Yeah, he can be offensive to some, but he was also one of the most astute social commentators of the day. Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock owe this man EVERYTHING...

Robert Klien- Child of the Fifties
Woody Allen
Marx Bros
Marc Maron
Bill Hicks (comedy savant)

Bengt Washburn is awesome.(bengt@getbengt.com)

Auggie Smith is great and Danny Bevins is better.

All time favorite comic is Bobby Slaton and opens his XXX show with the best line ever.

Sorry, but Dane Cook is over-rated...cute, but over-rated.