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Wither the Class of '80?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has snubbed the class of 1980. I take this personally as I AM the class of 1980. Granted, some really shitty music came out that year, but they couldn't find ONE band with a 1980 debut album fit for the Hall?

I'm going to save my WHY THE FUCK ISN'T VAN HALEN IN THE HALL OF FAME post for another day. Makes me sad and puppy-eyed just thinking about it. It's freaking Hagar's fault! It's Cherone's fault! It's...yea, another day.

Anyhow: Can anyone identify a single band/artist that debuted in 1980 deserving of place on the ballot?

Update, in relation to comments:

The article refers to artists appearing on the ballot for the first time. Because of the 25 year rule, artists debuting in 1980 are eligble for the first time to be on the ballot. None made it.

Black Sabbath is up for I think the seventh year in a row.

Although the Pretenders album debuted in 1980, the HOF says they started in 79 and inducted them last year .

U2 was also inducted last year (meaning they are considered to technically have a 1979 debut), and by last year I mean this year. Which is confusing, I know.

The ballot for this year was just mailed out, which means it's really for next year. I think.

Another update: I believe in the power of Iron Maiden. I bet they get in eventually.

/more cowbell


I thought Cherone never happened?

Right, right...that's what I meant!!

Not a Rock Historian, but Google lets me pretend to be one. And note that Iron Maiden and Bauhaus both debuted that year.

And Loverboy.

And, oh...U2. Who are getting into the HoF, in an article linked at the bottom of the one you linked. One wonders why the author didn't notice them...

They snubbed Warren Zevon, even though they had the perfect opportunity to induct him during his lung cancer decline.

Killing Joke's self titled LP was released in 1980. (Although their EP "Turn to Red" was released the year before, I think the release of the first full length is what tolls the R&RHOF statute). Dito for The Birthday Party, Nick Cave's second (and best) band.

And does anyone on this site like Flipper (aka "Sex Bomb Baby")? Generic Flipper, their debut, also came out in 1980.

What about The Pretenders, I think their album debut was 1980 and they are in the hall of fame? I know....ew...

Blizzard of OZ was 1980. Is Ozzy in? He should be

Def Leppard? (ack)

Psychedelic Furs?

Not much to choose from.

I saw that story this afternoon and immediately thought of you. Guess what? I doubt they'll have anyone to nominate for '81 either.

Iron Maiden certainly deserves a place...not so sure about Bauhaus. As far as U2 goes..it is arguable that they really weren't a 1980 debut group. 'Boy', their first full album was released in 1980. However, their first release was U2-3, a 12 inch single. Which was released in fall of 1979.

I was confused by the debut thingy, too. It's not the first album they released but the first "anything" that counts. That's why 1979 for U2 and The Pretenders.

I know how it goes. Rush's first album came out in '74. Not a peep from the HoF.

Ok, Bauhaus started in 78, first recording in 79. Google is WRONG. I was also gonna say Killing Joke... I'll say Anti-Nowhere-League instead. I don't care what anyone says, they should get just as many props as the Pistols and the Clash.

...the Hall of Fame is a crock anyway.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a load of bollocks. Def Leppard's release was in '79.

The fact Iron Maiden is not in the R&R HoF says oodles about the organisation.

Flipper! Yes, loved their debut.

Favorite albums from groups that may have been a debut (and I could easily be wrong on these):

Gang of Four (Entertainment)
The Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)
The Psychadelic Furs (self-titled)
The English Beat (I Just Can't Stop It)
X (Los Angeles)
Rockpile (Seconds of Pleasure)--not really a debut by the individuals, though
T-Bone Burnett (Truth Decay)
Kid Creole and the Coconuts
The Specials (self-titled)
PiL (Second Edition)--again, not necessarily a debut

Like I said, many of these may not be the debut albums of the group, but wanted to throw them out there for dissection. Of the group, only The English Beat and X were consistent enough for me to nominate, with Gang of Four a close runner-up.

Chrees, excellent choices but you're off by a few years (late) on most of them.

Thanks tesco. I'm pretty sure these are all 1980 records. You mean they weren't their first?