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sometimes there are no words

The relatively unknown (but trying reaaaallllly hard to be known) screenwriter Tess Smith at last night's Emmy Awards.

click for bigger

Tess, last year's outfit (and drunken posturing) didn't do you any good, because people are still saying, one year later, Who the fuck is Tess Smith? But this kinda worked for you, because now people will be able to answer: "Tess Smith? That's the bald chick!"

I was going to do a caption contest for this, but....what can you say?


Knot Couture

A comment my wife made about someone else applies here: "Honey, if you're going to dress like a whore, dress like an expensive whore. Have a little self respect."

You say nothing. You put up a photo of Alyson Hannigan beside it.


Rooowwrrr. I love her.

Hmmm...I couldn't find her at IMDb and they have everybody. I wonder who she knows who got her on the red carpet? Maybe instead of IMDb I would find her here.

What else can you say for a caption but "click for bigger"

Bigger in this case is not better, I would stand farther rather than nearer.

If only this was done in NYC.

"No, dear, the light here is all wrong, how about over this subway grate."


Doggie say woof?

Well, at least she seems happy with herself.

Madame speaker, I'd like to revise and extend my remarks...

make that -

"Doggie say woof, for a pork chop?"

oh, and I'll take Hannigan in that outfit, to go please.

Was this an addition to the post from the other day? What men like. Sometimes "skank" is the answer.

It is amazing what people can do with plastic now a days. Oh and the dress is interesting too.

Umm, "fun shoes?" :)

They had this picture at ttp://gofugyourself.typepad.com/
(which might be where you got it) but the best line in their comments - you've taken the shredded look just far enough to make it clear precisely how Brazilian your wax job is.

Apparently she was confused and thought it was the AVN awards.

"Apparently she was confused and thought it was the AVN awards."

Damn it. Beaten to the punch again. :)

And I heart Alyson Hannigan.

Alyson Hannigan is infinitely cute.

For what Hollywood folks are paid, you'd think she could afford the other half of that dress.

(It looks like it's made out of Brawny paper towels to me, but then I don't know fashion.)

who the fuck is tess smith?

Nice!!! She's hot.

In a just world, all good-looking women would dress like that.

Say what you want about taste, class, reputation, etc. I'm reminded of that verse in Magic Bus by The Who: "I want it, I want it, I want it, You caaaaaaaan't have it!"

This is a GOOD Example of a BLOCK LADY

she looks beter -- at a block away


She needs calves to pull of that outfit.


I am an asshole. I left a really terrible comment here (and I probably jacked off while writing it because saying shit like that on the internet REALLY turns me on). In fact, I left three of them.

Anyhow, my IP address is I'm sure someone out there will track me down just to tell me how sexy and cool I am because I can say nasty things on the internets.

Z0MG!!!1!! That's Firiona Vie!!!