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fair enough

I have not had a good photo taking weekend. First the moon fiasco, and now this. I just never bothered to fix the settings on the camera after doing some weird shots this morning and my photos from the street fair are full of noise. Oh well, I post them anyhow because I can.

yellow wheee tilt the-big-guns soylent-green-is-frooooooog red-white-and-green over-easy oh-shit of-the-united-horse-of-amer kamikaze jaws-of-death j-e-t-s is-that-janine-turner i-want-a-pony i-pledge-allegience-to-the- i-am-emo hang-ups frogger flags faces-frozen-in-terror day-is-done david-ice-cream a-game-of-darts

Click each for humungoid size and droll commentary.


I have always known I had a bit of a tin ear. (People try to show me the difference between speakers and they all sound the same to me.) But now I discover I have a glass eye. Those picture are beautiful and clear!