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sunday morning backyard photo shoot

Headed out to the backyard today with camera, intent on beginning a documentation of the trees changing from summer wardrobe to fall and then winter. I'm thinking of shootin gthe same tree over a series of months. Ok, this sounds interesting to me, anyhow.

Before I could shoot the tree, I got distracted by some bugs in the wild, overgrown, out-of-control fauna by the fence. And then I saw this rotted flower and I thought, hey, that would be interesting, to put that photo of the rotted, brownish flower next to the photo I took of it when it was purple and flourishing.

It wasn't until I opened up the picture on the computer that I realized, that's no flower, it's a MONSTER and it's going to crawl off the vine tonight, sneak into my house and terorrize and eat us all.

Click it and go to the original size (choose "all sizes" and then "orignal size"). Tell me that thing isn't either an alien or some form of the devil.

gaping maw

I also got Spidey, who curled up in a ball and refused to have his photo taken:

hairy monsters and super creeps

Unlike Mr. Fly, who posed and strutted for me like he was doing a stint in Fashion Week:

just buzzin'around

And then I took some pictures of Spidey's web, because I think spider webs are one of the neatest things nature has to offer. The workmanship is amazing. I usually have bad luck )trying to get web photos, but this one was in good light.

tangled web

These turned out better than my attempt at shooting the moon last night (I'll try that again tonight, taking a reader's suggestion to use a frozen bag of peas as a makeshift stabilizer for the camera).

Now, back to the yard to start documenting the trees. Riveting stuff, I tell you.


Wow, that thing does look other-wordly. But are you sure the spider isn't the real monster? Ewww! I do like the tree idea, though.

The web is SO COOL!

Spidey is lovely, but my amydala says: AAAAA! AAUAG! GAH! A SPIDER!

Looks like a wolf spider to me - how big is he when he isn't avoiding the lens?

Amygdala, I mean. Sheesh.

Wolf spiders don't have orb webs, so that's some kind of garden orb weaver.