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Nature: The show that never ends

I've been trying to take photos of the harvest moon but I can't find my tripod and I've had so much caffeine today I'm shaking like a crack addict with Parkinson's so the pictures I did take all are all have trails that make it look like the moon is a giant ass showing its crack to the world.

It really is beautiful. Step outside if you can. The moon is bloated and perfectly rounded and blood orange and I swear, it's close enough to take a bite out of.

On the other side of the sky, we have a heat lightning storm raging on. It looks like the gods are waging a war behind the clouds.

So I've got blood to the right and flashes of brilliant light to the left and a soundtrack of rolling, bass heavy thunder playing over it all

Nature kicks all kinds of ass.


yep, it does. not often enough that folks take a look around and figure out that we are very, very small passengers on one big assed roller coaster ride through a really large cosmos....

and ain't that a kick in the pants?

Yep, just stepped outside, away from the servers, and took a look...beautiful and bright and full, hanging there low.

Along with the chirping of the crickets lookin to score, the roar of the late model cars ripping around the short track a couple of blocks away, and the hum of the office A/C unit...absolutely serene.

Best birthday present I've gotten all day. Thanks M.

We don't get any decent thunder and lightning storms out here in California (maybe up in the mountains they do)...but I loved them when I grew up in Wisconsin.

Even with the shakes, your pics would be terrific...hope to see them soon.

I just looked. Beautiful. I am totally jealous of the lightening storm. Best storm I ever saw was driving through New Mexico. No clouds, no lights, just straight road with lightening in the distance. It looked like it was floating, just quickly hanging mid air.

Nature is cool

//it's close enough to take a bite out of.//

lovely image, there.

Emergency camera stabilizer: bag of frozen peas, corn, dried peas, rice ... put on table, car hood, chair seat ... nestle the camera into it, aim, carefully press shutter. Good luck!

That second to last paragraph...I'm hearing "stuck in the middle with you.

I'm shaking like a crack addict with Parkinson's - OMG! That is priceless!