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And they're off (Kids of Katrina update)

The boxes of school supplies and baby items for Kids of Katrina and other assorted sundry are on their way to Texas and LA.

Thanks to uship.com, a wonderful driver named Tim (and his cousin, whose name I forget, I'm sorry!) came to fetch the packages late this afternoon. Tim and his cousin couldn't have been nicer guys. They loaded the truck with help from my husband and by 6:30, they were back on the road again (I think they were making a little stop at Krispy Kreme first).

I'm going to work on making a list of everything we sent, plus every single person who helped, donated money and or supplies or provided a needed service.

Trish and Dave will let me know when the stuff arrives at its respective destinations.

Some pictures from the load up today:

supplies-6 supplies-5 supplies-4 supplies-2 supplies-1
click each for bigger.

Also today, it was decided - thanks to reader Jeanne - that the supplies I am buying from schoolkidz.com will go to the Burger Center in Austin, where about 150 kids displaced by Katrina will be starting school next week.


Good taste in Vodka. ;-)

Michelle, thanks so much for putting this all together. You are wonderful!

Yippie! Safe travels to Tim and his cousin...and the boxes!

Bless your heart, Michele!

Thanks for doing something tangible to help people displaced by this disaster, Michele.