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the sound of one hand gaming

I've been waiting since May for news of the Nintendo Revolution controller. And now here it is:

Nintendo Revolution Controller

Nintendo breaks with more than 20 years of video game history by abandoning the traditional controller held with two hands and introducing an all-new freehand-style unit held with one hand. The intuitive, pioneering interface allows players to run, jump, spin, slide, shoot, steer, accelerate, bank, dive, kick, throw and score in a way never experienced in the history of gaming. “The feeling is so natural and real, as soon as players use the controller, their minds will spin with the possibilities of how this will change gaming as we know it today,” explains Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president. “This is an extremely exciting innovation – one that will thrill current players and entice new ones.” When picked up and pointed at the screen, the controller gives a lightning-quick element of interaction, sensing motion, depth, positioning and targeting dictated by movement of the controller itself.

Read the rest of that.

One hand? I don't know if my old-school brain will ever adapt to playing a video game with one hand. This seems revolutionary (no pun intended) and all, but what the hell will I do with my other hand? That's rhetorical, kids.

It does have an adapter (pictured, very Dreamcast reminiscent) so old dog/new tricks people like me can continue with the two-handed way of gaming, and the innovations on this controller are mouth-watering, so until I read all the articles stating what a piece of crap it is, I will believe that Nintendo has not let me down. Except for believing that video games were meant to be played with one hand.

I laid down my twenty dollar deposit at EB World for a Revolution months ago. I'm starting to feel that little tingle of excitement now.

Ahh they come in colors, too!

nintendo controllers color

There's a much more detailed explanation and review of of the controller here, as well as more purty pictures.

Hhah the comments there are amusing. Xbox and PS fanboys will shit all over anything Nintedo ever does.

IGN has an in depth look at the controller and how it might work with specific games.

Here's a video demonstration.

Also, I just thought of this: How many of us have sat in front of a video game, twisting and turning the controller as we manipulate charaters as if that's really going to help you? Now it WILL. Awesome.

I am sold.

Lots of people do not like it. I am not one of them.

Update, for those worrying about using controllers beside this one:

The top of Revolution has four GameCube controller ports that will allow the system to be compatible with the original controllers, Nintendo's wireless Wavebird controller, the DK Bongos, the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable, and the Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix dance pads.

From wikipedia.

Nintendo's willingness to be backwards compatable is where others fail.

More discussion, pictures, links here.


At least you can turn it sideways and get a more authentic feel when playing the old NES and SNES. I can' wait to get it, the Revolution is the only next gen console I'm getting.

Personally, I will wait to see how it works out and the software available. One of the biggest weaknesses of the Gamecube is that many of the titles released have a hard time working on it due to the current controller and lack of internet support, as well as the limited storage space on their minidisc format.

I just wonder if some of the really good titles already coming out for the XBox 360 and PS3 will even work with the Revolution based on that controller. If they don't, Nintendo is going to have to pony up some serious development time to put out games that will take their place. Being able to download the Nintendo back catalog won't save it from an early death, otherwise.

Right now this is almost evident with the PSP. Due to some unknown forces in action, the quantity of good games for it is pretty low (almost nonexistent), and it almost seems like Sony threw it onto the market and then moved onto the PS3. Hopefully this isn't the case, and it won't be the case for the Revolution since Nintendo has it's Game Boy and DS cash cows to continue to milk.

Nintendo can afford to take chances because they still turn a healthy profit, unlike other console makers.

Nintendo's success lies within it's in house games. That's where this controller will really come into play. The thing is...you don't HAVE to use this controller. Nintendo, in its infinite wisdom, will have an attachment so you can use GC controllers or older ones.

The only reason to buy a PS2 is Square Soft games.

I have no reason to even think about a 360. Xbox remains the only console I never bought. I hate sports games and I don't do online gaming.

Nintendo remains, for my money, the best name out there in gaming.

I never bought an Xbox either because it didn't offer anything new, and the exclusive games for it weren't worth it (and most came out on PC anyways). I have a Gamecube and a PS2, as well as my PC and a PSP.

I will say though, that the strength of Nintendo's first party games (that they develop themselves) are what keeps their systems afloat right now. Titles like Mario Party, Donkey Konga, and Mario X (where X = anything, especially sports) sell well and are generally of a high quality. However, I just don't know if that will always be enough in the future.

The sad fact is that developers are making their games for all available systems, and each time Nintendo does something crazy, it makes that a little harder to include their system in a cross-platform release.

I think that this controller will be cool, and generate a lot of new ideas for games, much like the touch screen on the Nintendo DS. Warioware Touched for the Game Boy Advance has a tilt sensor in it as well, so this controller opens up possibilities.

The general population might have a tougher time with it, and that's what remains to be seen. One thing that they will have going for them is a lower price, which is one of the biggest reasons I got a Gamecube (for $99, why not!?).

Are those real hands?

I haven't yet put down my money on the Revolution, though I absolutely intend to get one, since I'm a loyal Nintendo buyer. I'm not yet sold on this controller, but I'll wait until I actually hold it before I make a final judgement.

I've also put some money down on my X-box 360, but Sony will never con me into buying another of their home consoles (I like the PSP for movies, though). I've bought both of the last two, and can count on one hand the number of times I've played either and enjoyed the experience.

95% of the games I bought for my Xbox were made by SEGA. Hell, THEY may as well have put out another console. But just for me.

Dude, I had enough trouble getting used to the last one!

"The only reason to buy a PS2 is Square Soft games."

This is the truth.

I gave up on console gaming years ago... mostly due to the inexplicably complicated controllers and the game manufacturers who insisted on using EVERY ONE of them...

one-handed would be wierd but it still looks like it's got way too many buttons.

I'm more of a Super Mario kind of guy... run, jump and shoot. Sorry, you've got the wrong princess! :-)

that's what you get for speaking too quickly... two basic buttons.... it's definately worth looking at.

"The only reason to buy a PS2 is Square Soft games."

Any suggestions on which Square Soft games are worth looking at? The Playstation, at least, had Einhänder and Final Fantasy Tactics (remembering these two games reminds me that I did enjoy the Playstation a little bit, but only for these two games and reissues of old SNES games). I can't think of anything that looked enticing on the PS2.

Robin, play Kingdom Hearts . Do NOT let the Disney characters throw you off. It's a GREAT game with fantastic gameplay, challenging puzzles, etc. I played it for a YEAR and then started it again.

Well, I'm a pretty hardcore gamer so I'll try a lot of things, but as far as PS2 games go here's a quick list of AWESOME games, and all have gotten good reviews from a number of sources as well if you want to check it out before buying:

God of War
Burnout 3:Takedown and Burnout:Revenge
Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3
Grand Theft Auto Series
Ratchet and Clank Series
Sly Cooper Series
Katamari Damacy
Final Fantasy X
Gran Turismo 3 and 4
Prince of Persia Series
Jak and Daxter Series
Tony Hawk Series
Champions of Norrath
SOCOM series
SSX Series
Freedom Fighters

Some of those are cross-platform, and I didn't list the yearly sports updates like Madden and MLB. Those games range from straight action, to platforming, to RPG, to extreme sports, to military simulations.

I think what throws a lot of people off are that games are involved, and usually over 20 hours long now. Those looking for a quick game to beat in 5 or 6 hours like old-school NES are going to be turned off by the depth of most games today. That's why many of Nintendo's games appeal to people still, because they are made to be shorter and with a lower learning curve.

I've played all those games above and I like each of them for a different aspect. But I'll echo what michele said about Kingdom Hearts - it's a great game despite the "kiddy" marketing with Disney characters. And the sequel is set to come out in the next few months!

I dunno about that..."Get yer carpal tunnel syndrome twice as fast!"...but I guess we'll see. Nice to see them trying something different, however, and I supposed it's been tested and focus-grouped to death.

I'm willing to try it, even though it looks silly to me. I thought the idea of the DS was silly, but a lot of the games designed for it are a lot of fun. Nintendo is doing something most others aren't -- innovating. Warioware touched is one of my favorite games, because it's not just the same game repackaged.

I mean, every RPG out there is the same game. Period. That gets old. I miss the C-64....

What, none of you has ever played Pac-Man before?

Also, I just thought of this: How many of us have sat in front of a video game, twisting and turning the controller as we manipulate charaters as if that's really going to help you? Now it WILL. Awesome.

Hah! My sons used to laugh their butts off at me for doing that. We'll see who's laughing now.

And re: Kingdom Hearts - it rocks bigtime. My daughter and her friends love it and can't wait for the newest one to come out (speaking of having deposits down on toys).

Is it just me, or does that look like a remote-in-training?

Or maybe the bastard child of the TV remote and the iPod Shuffle. Heck, it even comes in colors.

Oh God, I can't wait til it comes out; imagine playing a Revolution Zelda; Twilight Princess on the Gamecube already looks kickass. Yes, I am setting myself up for a big disappointment, but dang, it's a new Nintendo, people! XD

Well, allow me to jump in here, as apparently I'm the only Xbox fan who reads Michele's site.

Raw power, baby. Raw power, and an outstanding online network that allows me to play people 10 times smarter than the A.I. (well, that, and stoners who are only about 2-3 times than the A.I.).

I've always been pleased with my Xbox, no more so than when the developers started making cross-platform games. After you see something like Splinter Cell dumbed down for PS2 graphics and power, you want to cry like Baby Jesus. As for Nintendo, Metroid is a blast, but everything else makes me yawn.

Anyway, not looking to start a flame war; to each their own.

As for the Nintendo controller, forgive my skepticism, but it screams "gimmick." The thumbstick-pad-interface wasn't adopted just out of habit, but because it's efficient, and because it works. Perhaps this is some plot by the Government to get fat kids off their asses so they can pretend to swing a bat? The Nintendo controller makes me tired just looking at it.

Even if I only have to make minor motions to use it, those are minor motions that no other system demands from me, motions that I see increasing fatigue and potentially even causing repetitive stress disorders (worse than even current controllers, where the worst you get are sore thumbs).

I won't write it off. . . yet. But I will have to play with it on a variety of different games, for a long time with each, to see whether or not it's as good as Nintendo's marketing department thinks it is.

Oh, one last thing: remote?!? The ergonomic design on this looks awful-- if it has to be pointed at the screen verus a tilt, it'll hurt something fierce after a short while.

Dave at Garfield Ridge

does that thing have a rumble pack... if it sounds like a dildo and quivers like a ....

i'm sorry g, nintendo does require players with imaginations and intellegence. remember they invented almost every part of the controller you now use, no matter what system you have, so they must be doing something right!!