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Listomatic: pizza flavored pizza

Foods that are ok for pizza toppings:

  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage
  • Ground beef
  • Onions
  • Green peppers
  • Black olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Salami
  • Bacon
  • Garlic
  • fresh tomatoes

Foods that are NOT pizza toppings

  • pineapple
  • eggs
  • pasta of any kind
  • ranch dressing
  • carrots
  • potatoes in any form
  • lettuce
  • barecue sauce
  • tuna


THANK you!

Obviously, you've never had pizza with pineapple.

I had a tuna/broccoli pizza that was pretty good. Ham/Pineapple is not bad, either.

The one I couldn't stomach was our one customer that ordered a jalapeno/pineapple/anchovie pizza every Saturday and had Chunky Monkey ice cream for dessert. Ewwww.

How about corn niblets? The Japanese put them on their tuna pizzas.
And I agree with Allah--Canadian bacon and pineapple is fine by me. Then again, I'm from Calgary, so what do you expect?

I'm a Canadian Bacon/Pineapple heretic myself. Although mostly only as 'the pizza to order when you're tired of pizza [but nothing else is open]' kind of option.

However, one must know: where does one stand with regard to Chicken?

BBQ Chicken Pizza rocks. Sorry.

I also make an Artichoke Chicken Pizza that people would kill their own mothers over.

Artichokes, chicken, tomatoes, fresh garlic... all YES.

TUNA AND BROCOLLI? Hell to the no.

Omg. I'm sick now.

Available from very few places, but in La Crosse, WI I've had pizza with green olives, pretty tasty.

I guess cheese is implied, but I've had veggie, pizzas with feta cheese as an additional topping that is pretty good. I usually prefer meat pizzas

green olives on pizza rocks. My favorite is green olives and tomatoes. I also like bacon. and red onions. hell throw all four things on a pizza and i'll be happy. I'll drink three gallons of water an hour later, but damn it'll be worth it.

Toren, I'm with you on the corn. When I lived in London, I had corn on my pizza all the time, and I loved it.

Salami on Pizza? Yuck City, U.S.A.

Ham and spinach (not together) fit just fine in my crazy little pizza world.

The best pizza I EVER had is a spinach Chicago style. YUM. Love feta too. My favorite 'za are all veggie- not that I don't like meat - I just think veggies add more flavor to pizza.

Green peppers are teh ass. Good call on the pineapple, though. That stuff on a pizza is a crime against nature.

If you dip pizza into ranch dressing does it count as a topping?

I loathe green peppers. They give me a headache. But I do accept them as natural pizza topping.

When I was hanging out on golf forums, there was a saying that if you go out and take mulligans, and roll your ball over and stuff, that you're playing a game that superficially resembles, but is not golf.

Likewise, pineapple, tuna, etc, are thing that can top a dish that superficially resembles, but is not Pizza.

(Salami is not something I like on a pizza, but as with Michele and her green peppers, I accept it as a natural topping.)

Sweet peppers...

damn good.


My favorite was spinach and ricotta. I dated that pizza for several days.

pineapple and canadian bacon rocks.

first place I ever tried it was Waco Texas

in 1977

Pepperoni & black olives. That's it. I agree with your list all in all, though I won't eat a pizza with fungus (shrooms) on it. It's like chewing on little chunks of fleshy nasal cartilage ... I'd imagine.


Anchovie pizza (and lots of Pepsi, not Coke) is what makes the world go round.

How is FUNGUS okay on a pizza but not pineapple? Sheesh.. be adventurous, girl!!

Oh you New Yorkers... Pineapple and ham pizza rules.

Nothing goes on pizza except pizza!!!!!!!!! Dammit!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, Michele, a couple of the toppings you insist are verboten are common on pizza in Italy. Fried eggs plopped right in the middle of the pizza.

Pineapple & Canadian Bacon and Pineapple & Sausage can both be good. Helps to use fresh or juice packed pineapple, more acid, less sweet than sugar packed.

No peanut butter, please, too.

Never had tuna; that could be very good, maybe with spinach and black olives and green onion.

michele, I agree with you - I loathe green peppers, but I can handle them on pizza. I have to pick the olives off, though - or order without if I have the purchasing power.

Give me pepperoni and mushrooms and I'm yours. When my local mall closed down the Sbarro's outlet (NY style thin crust greasy slices, one slice filled the entire paper plate), I almost cried.

I remember going to the rec-center at Osan Air Base in Korea and seeing ROKAF officers putting mayonnaise on their pizzas.

The first time I saw it I was so outraged that I ran over to the three officers I saw doing it, grabbed their pizza and threw it on the floor.

The first officer stood up and politely introduced me to a three-syllabled Taekwondo punch. The other two than kicked me into sweet, blissful unconciousness.

Let that be a lesson to you: if the toppings on someone elses pizza offends you, don't say or do anything. They might be pilots in the South Korean Air Force and those jerks don't know how to fight in English.


htom mentioned peanut butter...
Foggy's Notion in San Diego has a Jiffy Burger.
Yes, a burger smeared with peanut butter.
Sounds disgusting, is very tasty.

Up here in Buffalo there are several places that make different varieties of chicken wing pizza. I generally not a fan of speacialty pizza, but damn,chicken wing pizza rocks my f'n socks off.

Of yeah, and steak pizza too

They put all manner of shit on pizzas in Japan -- potatoes, mayo, corn, cuttle fish. The worst ingredient was natto --horrible, slimy, smelly stuff.

Must disagree with you on pineapple, Michele. Ham (or Canadian bacon) and pineapple, especially on a deep-dish pizza, is very good.

but tuna on pizza - you are right, that is WRONG. Same with carrots. (I would argue that any vegetable that would not be an acceptable part of a pasta sauce does not belong on pizza - that includes cauliflower and brocolli. Eggplant, also. Even though I know eggplant parmesan exists.

what I really hate is when the food-cranks try to make pizza "healthy" by dumping a damn metric ton of vegetables on it, leaving off the cheese and meats, and insisting the crust be whole wheat. That's not a pizza. Give it some other name, but do not defame the good name of "pizza" with that monstrosity.

dessert pizzas piss me off. Sweets do not belong on a pizza. If pizzas had sexual orientations, the dessert variety would be the Liberace of the pizza world.

I have to go with the Lord of all Creation on this one. Pineapple is good on pizza. Check out my satanic pizza set: Pineapple, italian sausage, and hot peppers.
Someday, that will tear my stomach lining out. But until it does, I will enjoy it.

I have to say that broccoli works. Once cooked the taste is reduced and sweetened, and it adds a really good texture to a pizza.

Try a white pie with broccoli. Yum!

white pie just doesn't do it for me. I know lots of folks like it, but for me, it has to have tomato sauce to be pizza.

And I must concur with Dr. Funk on the "dessert pizza" phenomenon. Taking a pizza crust and dumping cherry pie filling on it is just wrong.

I have friends who buy into that whole pineapple on pizza atrocity. It is a measure of my love for them that aren't all dead yet.

Sweet + pizza = asstasrophe. IMHO

Maybe it's a Southwestern thing, but it's not unsusual around these parts to see pizza with Jalapenos on it. Damn tasty too. Not recommended for those with, ah, sensitive colons.

Patrick: What do the Italians know about a proper pizza?

Christ, they don't even do thick-crust.

What? No anchovies? I'll admit that tuna sounds horrifying as a topping, but I ordered the tuna pizza at m favorite pizza place in Indianapolis and it really blew my hair back.

Patrick: What do the Italians know about a proper pizza?

Christ, they don't even do thick-crust.

The folks in Naples and further south have a pretty good "thick crust" pizza. However, I prefer thin crust. The Roman way. I lost 20 pounds in Rome in spite of eating pizza at least three times a week. I think it was the thinner crust. Oh, the walking four to five miles per day probably helped. too. :-)

"Pizza" is quickly becoming a term such as "sandwich" something that refers to a specific style of food, but is not as narrowly defined as "hoagie" or "french dip."

Furthermore, there are two major styles of pizza in the US: thin crust (New York) and deep dish (Chicago.) The typical toppings (which do include pineapple; I lilke pepperoni and pineapple myself) are usually those from the first list.

People can make an "American tomato pie" (British term) with other items, such as those from the second list, but it quickly becomes an abberation such as a fried banana and onion sandwich, something that most people look at and go "Huh?"

Let it be known that the standard Pizza pizza is pepperoni. I'm sure that everyone on at this site (barring vegetarians) has had pepperoni at some time in life. All else is frills and variations, but sometimes those variations are tasty.

(Let it further be known that White Zinfandel goes very well with New York-style cheese pizza. It was a very weird day that led me to discover that.)

Roxanne is right about Japanese pizza, they use all manner of seafood in the toppings. It's actually quite good, just different.

However, I much prefer okonomiyake, sometimes called Japanese pizza, which is more like a pancake made with noodles and other ingredients such as shrimp and squid. It's cooked on a griddle and topped with a special okonomiyake sauce.

Pineapple is disgusting on pizza. I'd rather have ANYTHING, even natto, which are fermented soybeans with a sort of slimy texture.

I'll second the opinion on BBQ Chicken Pizza. It's my favorite one at California Pizza Kitchen. Another good one is a pesto pizza. I've had the pinapple/ham a few times - meh, I don't care for the combo. I've never tried anchovies. Maybe I will. What toppings go well with anchovies?

Damn. Now I'm hungry for pizza.