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QOD: When good bands go bad

Something to argue about while I finish off story #3 in the 50 Halloween Tales thing.


Good bands, terrible songs.

Think along the lines of Kiss's I Was Made for Loving You.

/idea stolen from my favorite radio station's morning show


Someone mentioned the Stones, and I'd have to Emotional Rescue is a terrible, terrible song.

Someone else mentions Hot Dog by Led Zeppelin. I remember when that album came out, the radio stations went crazy for that song and it made me cringe.

I just thought of another: Queen, Radio GaGa


Van Hagar - Right Now
Rolling Stones - Dancin' in the Streets
Pink Floyd - Fletcher Memorial Home or Dogs of War
Foreigner - I Wanna Know What Love Is

Rolling Stones: Miss You
Blondie: Rapture

The Cult - Anything from Sonic Temple

I hate "Hot Dog" by Zeppelin. I think pretty much any 50's revival song by 1970's hard rock groups is awful. Sha Na Na with louder drums.

Pink Floyd - "Bike"

I've got a bike
You can ride it if you like
It's got a basket
A bell that rings
And things to make it look good
I'd give it to you if I could
But I borrowed it

Steve Miller Band, "Abacadabra"

The list for The Beach Boys is probably a long one, but it's actually embarrassing to hear "Kokomo."

Emotional Rescue!!! I'd forgotten that one (probably a good thing)!

Also, every time I hear "China Girl" or "Blue Jeans" by David Bowie, I wish to vomit.

Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire

Or there's this. LMAO!

Not a band, but the first person I think of who puts out some godawful clunkers...

Neil Young's oeuvre careens from transcendent songs to embarrassments. The list would be too long for the latter, but start with "Ocean Girl" and "Kinda Fond of Wanda." Yet the clunkers make up an essential part of his approach to music, though.

Stone Temple Pilots: Lady Picture Show

What the hell was that?

Genesis - The Michelob Jingle

Aerosmith - That Power Ballad from the Movie Where The Meteor Was Going to Hit the Earth, no not that Movie Where the Meteor Was Going to Hit the Earth, the Other Movie, the One with The Guy from Good Will Hunting, no Not That Guy, the Other Guy. Man, that song sucked.

Stand by REM... horrid song made worse by being the theme to a totally stupid sitcom

Even worse Bumperstickerist....I heard that at a wedding recently...for the bride and groom's first dance.

For future reference, no matter how drunk you are it is not appropriate to point and laugh at your married friends during such a spectacle.

Blue Oyster Cult - "Burnin' for you"
Judas Priest - "Living After Midnight"
Rainbow - "I Surrender" "Street of Dreams" "Stone Cold"
Guns 'n Roses - "Patience"
Van Cabowabo - "Love Walks In"
Rush - "New World Man"
Aerosmith - Everything after the album "Draw the Line", especially that heinous "Dude Looks Like a Lady" abomination.

Alice in Chains -- Angry Chair

Anytime I hear Neil Young's My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue), I want personally go out and kill rock and roll just to prove him wrong...

A few that many may feel free to disagree with, but groups I love but I'll still hit the change button when I hear these songs:

-The Who "You Better You Bet"
-REM "Everybody Hurts" (should be titled "Song to Commit Suicide By")
-A boatload of Bob Dylan's songs, but I'll simply say the entire "Self Portrait" album and quit there
-Paul McCartney "Someone's Knockin' at the Door"
-Lou Reed's entire "Metal Machine Music" (for a joke it wasn't very funny)
-OK, so I'll be sacreligious and say "Free Bird" by Skynyrd.

Cream: Tales of Brave Ulysses
How many bong hits did they have to do to write that one?

Metallica, pretty much anything (original) after the black album, with very few exceptions.

Megadeth "1,000 Times Goodbye"
Black 47 "Oh Maureen"
Black Sabbath "She's Gone"

I could go on... oh yeah.. one more:

Faith No More, anything after "The Real Thing"

Judas Priest - the entire Turbo album, where they went batty with synthesizers.

Another group I love, up to a certain point. Z Z Top. Many will disagree with when the "crossed over into bad territory" began. I vote for the 80s. And their cover of "Viva las Vegas" has me reaching for the dial everytime... to change the channel.

Of course, this assumes you like them to being with.

Iron Maiden: anything off Virtual X
REM: 'Stand'...wait you said good bands? No REM are just complete cack.
Judas Priest: 'Demolition'
Styx: 'Babe'
Metallica: 'St Anger' (and the rest of the album)

Andrew: just throw in the entire Cornerstones album for Styx. That was wretched.

Well Mr Roboto was rather lame as well.

I actually like "hot dog" by Zep, granted it was definitely different but it's got a sweet little groove to it. Plus they did that song basically as a parody so the intent was not to create a rock standard...plus I can't believe that Timmer actually mentioned Cream in this list...that song rocks buddy!