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name that evil pumpkin patch!

We decided what to do with our yard this year for Halloween.

Imagine it: The Evil Pumpkin Patch. Ohhh yes.

We're going to cover both sides of the lawn in pumpkins. But not just any pumpkins. We're talking the most evil, gruesome, horrific, weird, scary pumpkin patch EVER.

For instance:

[from extreme pumpkins ]

So what we need is a) ideas for scary, bizarre pumpkins (even fake pumpkins will do) and a name for our evil pumpkin patch. And any other ideas you can think of to make our evil little patch more evil-er.


I would look to Calvin and Hobbes snowmen for inspiration.

How bout one holding a fake gun at itself with the top of its head blown off?

I kinda like the suicide-themed ones.

torture should be an element...and,and amputation, headless dismemberment stuff..ok?

Can I come over? I'll bring plenty of blood.

I guess a Senate Judicial Committee confirmation hearing (with both Ds and Rs) is a little too esoteric?

Frightening as hell, though, on many levels.

A Hellraiser Pinhead Jack 'o' Lantern made with about 100 nails stuck in the pumpkin from the inside out.

We had a neighbor who would leave out a plain pumpkin with a knife stuck in it that looked like it was dripping real blood from the stab wound. Subtly disturbing that.

How about a large, evil pumpkin sitting next to a tree, with "blood and gore" all around...bones, guts, etc...the most distinctive feature would be a squirrel tail hanging out the side of the pumpkin's mouth...

or a theme based on Why The Great Pumpkin...in this one, Linus, after years of being humiliated at the Great Pumpkin not showing, decides to hunt it down and exact his revenge...

ack...meant to say on why the pumpkin didn't show this year...sorry

Get a bunch of pumpkins, scatter them around and have the neighborhood kids over to beat the crap out of them with baseball bats and sledgehammers. Then let them (the pumpkins) just sit there in the hot sun getting all putrid and runny and gross and smelly. You could call it the Smashing Pumpkins Patch.

One of my favorites from last year: I had a pumpkin (with arms) sawing into another pumpkin. The first was evil, the second was horrified.

We got a few comments on how cool it was.

You could let a few get all rotten and caved in and make them into zombie jack-o-lanterns.

Heh...a variation on Keith's idea...Have a larger pumpkin next to a small pumpking that is either being carved for halloween, or carved up for pumpkin' pie...

Visitors to your patch should come upon a human head while checking out the pumpkins.

I second the idea for some sort of animal parts hanging out of a pumpkin's mouth, as it ate the animal that was trying to feast on it.

I thought the same thing as julie regarding Calvin and Hobbes. Here's a link to them...


Not a pumpkin patch idea, but you may find some Halloween ideas here.

One of the best pumpkins I remember doing was a pretty fair facsimile of Eddie's head from the "Piece of Mind" album cover.

I had a little metal tab with two screws to hold the sawn-off top of the cranium on, and the eye / mouth shape wasn't too difficult.

I wasn't ambitious enough to put together a dummy with a straitjacket & chains to support the pumpkin Eddie-head, but that would have been pretty sweet.

The drowning pumpkin might be in bad taste this year. I'm just sayin'.

Now, a Michael Jacks-O-Lantern in bed with a much smaller pumpkin . . . that would be disturbing. But probably not something you want in your front yard.

In the vein of the eating pumpkins...Get a large pumpkin, Get several banana peppers, give them little arms and feet, have the banana peppers running around a little city, with the large pumpkin dropping a couple of them into its waiting mouth.

Do a pumpkin vampire biting another pumpkin and sucking the seeds out.