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50 Halloween Stories: #2

Also posted at today's 100 Words.

Death of a Cliche

The entrance was a gaping maw of sharp teeth, with pointed fangs painted a gruesome shade of yellow protruding from lava-red gums flecked with black.

A small cart wended its way around two bottom teeth, clicking along the track that would take Julie and Evan along the Tunnel to Hell for just two tokens apiece.

Of course, you are expecting that this story will end with the ride really having been Hellís entrance and the couple becoming trapped in Satanís pit, never seen again.

But you would be wrong. See, the ride caught fire and killed them before Satan could.


Today's theme is amusement/carnival/theme park. No matter what I wrote, it came out like a run-on cliche. Hence, this story.


Hee! I love it!

yowsa. nicely done.