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50 Halloween Stories #1

I think I'll sort of cheat with the first one and reprint a story from the early days of 100 Words. I was actually thinking of fleshing this one out, so I might do that.

The theme was a picture:

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Who You Gonna Call?

The frightful noises that came from that house could rattle oneís brain. Always the screams and wails and then the dead animals on the porch in the morning.

They held a town meeting and decided to burn the place down.

I told them to just leave it be, stay away. But nobody listens to a 98 year old man. Nobody.

They went in, all torches and pitchforks, like a gang of hillbilly Ghostbusters. Not a one came out. And now the only things left breathing in this town are that house and myself.

Me, I ainít afraid of no ghosts.



Do I take it that there are 50 days (now 49) before Halloween?

That's the best one from that picture. I never did like my entry for it... thought it was a copout.

The best thing aboiut the 100Words Site is that you get to see different variations on the theme. Things you'd never have thought of, or thought fully through.

I LOVE Halloween! I've been collecting cool links for years and have my favorite ones here...

Mikes Film Favs- Scary Sites

This link I have there in particular michele I thought you might like...

The Moonlit Road - Ghost Stories and Folktales of the American South

They have text AND monthly audio versions.

I almost bought Ed Gheen's farm at auction once.