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300 words

I've decided to repost some of my favorite stories from 100 words here.

The theme on this day was dice.

She stared long and hard at him, eyes narrowed, fingers drumming. It was her intent to make him nervous, to cause him to make the wrong decision. He gave an annoyed glance before he finally made his choice and marked his score.

She cackled, “That was a stupid choice for this late in the game,” then shook the cup and tumbled a straight onto the table. “Booya, dumbass!”

He ignored her, flicked his wrist and poured the dice once, twice and, after the third roll, stood and pumped his fists as five fours stared back at his grandmother.

Yahtzee, motherfucker!”

The theme on this day was mystery key

------- Dear King Frederic,

I still can’t define the monster. A giant duck? A mutant dragon? Its stiff motions belied its swiftness and I often backed away, especially when the thing would bang its teeth together in anger.

I eventually slew the monster and retrieved the mysterious key from its clenches, but not before it laid its teeth into my back.

I killed many bats as I navigated the maze to the final door. You were right, your Majesty. The key fit.

The chalice is at long last yours, King. But I have paid my life for it.

Game over, indeed.

And this day's (pops) theme was piracy

Scott sends me to a flat in London.

What a bloody mess. Smashed rum bottles, cracker crumbs, a shelf with a slew of books. I pull one out at random; it’s splotched with blood and the cover informs that the magic word is "Yoho!"

Pirates. I should have known. Damn you, Scott.

Against my better judgment, I mutter "Yoho!" and woosh, I’m on a beach, in view of a pirate ship. I sigh. I know that somewhere between the stinking pirates and buried treasure there’s going to be a dark cave.

I’m likely to be eaten by a grue.

That's a few of the goofier stories I wrote.


I love you for that last one. Oh, the memories!

Those were fun!