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50 Halloween Stories

Well, that's what I'm intending, anyhow.

I want to write 50 short shorts (think between 100-200 words, maybe a bit more sometimes) between now and Halloween, all with a theme related to Halloween OR Halloween type things like zombies and ghosts and goblins and razor blade apples.

Make some suggestions. You can suggest titles if you want (sometimes that's a great jumping off point for a story), themes, characters, settings, etc. You can use a single word or picture like we do at 100 words some days.

I'll post them as I write them and I vow to have FIFTY of these stories written before October 31, 2005.

Expect an abundance of Halloween themed posts between now and then, too. Best. Holiday. Ever.


"Free Ham" - a story about a rabbi in crisis.

The mask-wearer becoming the person or thing represented by the mask.

The ninja ate the Milky Way and the stars began to fade.

Do a story about apples that have, instead of razorblades, mind controlling chemicals in them that turn the trick or treaters into an army of robots or zombies or sugar high horcruxes or something.

A 3rd grader's first confession, ode skool style in one of those wooden closets they used to use.

How about a 40 something sub-urbanite who is conflicted when she learns all her neighbors are becoming zombies. On one hand she is horrified, but she has always wanted a chance to kill zombies.

I Have No Pumpkin And I Must Carve

I am writing Bumper's first. I may even use that at 100 words.

You have to do one on the scary house that nobody will trick or treat at.

Maybe there's a sweet but frightening looking old lady inside with candy that nobody ever eats.

How can kids in the 3-5 year-old range walk in your pitch black bedroom in the middle of the night and wake you up with the force of their eyeballs staring at you. Dang creepy kids. Or is that just me?

#2 Something Wicked That Way Went ??


Buried in the Backyard

And the lights didn't come back on

Not your usual family reunion

Mama! Look what I found in the basement!

Popcorn balls by the patchouli-smelling old hippy chick who lived in the scarey house where the Friendly Family had disappeared years ago.

Kids go to an old spooky house and find an 1973 vintage unpopped JiffyPop Popcorn skillet.

They pop it.

<a href="http://www.geocities.com/lynxswift/picsofweek/2003fall/jiffypop2th.jpg"graphic

And, after looking at that picture, the baby Alien comes out.


Dad buys a Creepy Crawler maker from eBay, the kind he used as a kid.

Dad doesn't notice that the latex supply has been replace with bottled concentrated eeeeevil .

Hilarity ensues.


Fear Factor - Halloween
Six good looking young people: three women, three men

First event:
Trilogy of Terror Doll Gauntlet - Contestants have to get six flags running through a large apartment while a knife wielding Tiki doll is chasing them. If they stumble, they die. Contestants with the slowest time gets eliminated

Second Event -

Third Event -

Vampire Watermelons.

"the only way to kill vampire watermelons is to boil them alive, scrub them iwth a brush, and then burn the brush."

The Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society

Keeping with the melon theme:

"The Eleven Pumpkin Seeds"

Oh please make up a story about this guy

A Very Modern Halloween:

Kids go online and IM their neighbors 'Trick or Treat'

... a candy-based PayPal service collects the treats for the kids and mails them to the children, the tricks are delivered by l33t hAx0rs in Russia in the form of denial of service attacks

After my almost-2 year old son cried the entire time my wife was trying to put him in his costume for Halloween (I used to call those "Santa moments" but will need to find another name for the kiddie meltdown), a story on kids not experiencing the Best. Holiday. Ever. in the spirit we remember.

"Horror Business"

Halloween is the evening before All Saints' Day.

On this evening, and only this evening, souls bound to purgatory may wander the face of the earth, trying to find heaven's door. If they knock on it before midnight, they'll gain entry to heaven, and if not, they'll be stuck in purgatory.

Write a horror story using that as the backdrop.