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kids of katrina update

Everything is finally boxed. It took four people about five hours of sorting, packing, taping, labeling, stacking, etc., but it's done and the boxes are stacked almost neatly in three different rooms and we can almost walk through the house now without bumping into a stack of school supplies or diapers.

We're just waiting on an exact shipping time and then I can relax.

I will be spending the remainder of the donated money at schoolkidz.com, purchasing as many Hurricane Relief packs as the money will buy (probably close to 200 kits). Each kit contains pencils, eraseable marker, eraser, filler paper, pens, pencil sharpener, 2 notebooks, ruler, scissors, glue stick, pencil case, crayons, and 2 folders, for just five dollars each! Schoolkidz.com will be picking up the shipping on this. Thank you, Steve!

I had the pleasure of meeting the vivacious, amazing Sheila O'Malley today. She trudged all the way out the Island by train lugging a suitcase packed with about 200 lbs. of school supplies. Thank you, Sheila!

And now, I just sit back and wait for the Family Guy season premiere.


Yay Sheila! Yay Michele! Boo Randy Johnson!

Some amazing stories from survivors of Katrina in New Orleans from one of my favorite radio programs...


If you don't have Realplayer to play this than download for free at...


If the link don't work you can catch the synopsis here and click the BLUE realplayer link at the top for the free audio...


Freakin' sweet!:)