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you would think...

That when you explain to the manager of a large store that you want to spend about $2000 in his place of business and that all of the items purchased with that money will be going to victims of Hurricane Katrina that he would be, you know, helpful. And you would think that after you explain to him that you would like to purchase cases of paper, notebooks, pens, etc. because you have to ship them and that would make it easier, he wouldn't a) not be bothered to check and see if there are cases of any of those things in the storeroom or b) tell you when you ge to the register that the cases have to be ripped open in order to scan each item, thus making the reason for buying cases in the first place moot. And you would think that when YOU came up with the idea of getting one of each item off the shelf so they can be scanned and the boxes will not have to be open, that the stupid clerk standing there would, oh, help you get those items instead of saying "go to aisles 5, 1, 7 and the back wall to get them." But...no.

And you would think that spending $2200 would be easy, not hard, and that you wouldn't have to go to three stores and still have money left over. But...no.

And you would think that I could remember where I parked my car after coming out of BJ's Warehouse and not walk around with a cart full of stuff for twenty minutes. But...no.

Anyhow, I literally can't walk through my house anymore. There's nowhere for us to go. Boxes upon boxes upon boxes, stacks and more stacks of supplies and baby stuff and books and assorted sundry. The hallway walls are lined with bags.

I still have plenty of money left and I think with the rest I am going to take a nice offer from schoolkidz.com to handle getting the rest of the supplies bought and sent. As it is, I don't think I could fit anything else on the truck that's coming. You people are almost TOO generous!

More updates and some pictures later. I think I need a drink. And then I have to go get some boxes to organize all this stuff and start packing, taping, labeling, etc. Maybe I should hold off on the drinks.


No, the drinks will make the packing way more fun. :-)

I think the manager's brother works in the local Staples. Modern sales philsophy is firmly grounded in the idea that if the salesman hates his job he is going to make sure you do as well.

so how much did you raise total? Thank you so much for doing the legwork on this project - it is amazing.

Michele....you are awesome.

In other news...

You would think that you (Michele) totally rock.

And you would be right.