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my commentary on last night's yankee game

Sometimes the headlines are all you need.

tip of the yankee cap to solonor


You should go on their payroll.

You really ought to get that copyrighted.

Last season I could forgive, because they were competitive. Besides, my uncle Jack, a lifelong Boston fan, just turned eighty. He had to live to see the Sox win it, but once is enough.

This season is a slow motion train wreck. It's kind of like finding out there is no Santa Claus, your dog died, and your girl dumped you. No, your girl was a transvestite.

Every former Yankee pitcher who wins one is just a twist of the knife. Argh!

i'm a sox fan, but that's cool. for you, anyway.

Now THATS funny!

That's just plain awesome.

and where have YOU been, young lady, while I have been under seige over on the Darkside? (mad foot tapping going on...)

Ehh...cat blogging! That is soo Full of Crap.