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11:14 AM
Fuck this. I am going home. I don't want to be here like a sitting duck in a government building anymore.

11:51 AM
I'm home. I'm ok. The ride home was scary. I was driving east and in my rear view mirror I could see the smoke from the city. It looks like Pearl Harbor. And I keep thinking, this must be what it's like to live in Israel every day. To live your life in fear. Today was primary day here and the voting is held in schools. Which means anyone could walk into a school without being questioned. That's why I wanted to go get the kids. But they cancelled the primary. Anyhow, I'm home, I'll be on AIM later as soon as Justin lets his friends know he's ok. Be good.

12:17 PM
Even more plane crashes now. I lost count. I keep watching the tv even though I don't want to. I can see the smoke rising in the air to the west.

12:20 PM
This is really eerie. The silence outside. Living so close to Kennedy Airport, the sound of planes getting ready to land is a constant drone throughout the day. And now the skies are empty except for the thin veil of smoke drifting slowly this way. I am in the twilight zone.

1:40 PM
The footage of people running away as the Trade Center collapsed is horrifying. It's like a bad Godzilla movie.

My cousin, a New York City fireman, has been in the city all day. His wife hasn't heard from him yet. My brother-in-law is on his way in to the city, as they have asked all volunteer firefighters to come in and help out. I heard that one firehouse lost it's entire contingent in the second plane incident.

We can't sit here and play nice anymore while everyone else plays dirty. Nice guys do finish last.

Justin's mom called from PA and said to make sure we have enough toilet paper in the house.

2:27 PM
10,000 people dead in one day, in one place. I cannot fathom the idea. I just can't.