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That George has really done well for himself!

So, am I the only one that documents getting a new driveway?



Sweet. I have work pics in my Flickr site... that's kinda the same right? lol

HA! I'm actually first this time!

I have always wanted a Bobcat like that for an outside wheelchair.

"I don't need no stinkin' curb cuts"

George is mobbed up? Is he the one who put Steinbrenner in touch with Howie Spira?

Nothing says "let your hair down" like getting a new driveway.

Hey! Lileks has a Bobcat in his yard, too!

I thought it was Vandelay...? And are you getting concrete or asphalt? Concrete would be sweet...

Steve, this is NY; you'll get asphalt and you will love it. Now shaddup.

Yep, it's asphalt. While it's a bit dirtier, it is so much easier to repair, plus you can just repave it every other year or so to make it look nice, whereas with concrete, it's a pain in the ass to repair or fix up.

Do you have to get one every other year? I'm finding this home-owning thing has a lot of hidden costs.

Most people probably don't. I just figure between the basketball, hockey and skateboarding we'll have to replenish every other year or so.

Nah, michele, if they do it it right, you should only have to top it every 4-5 years, and that is only if the kids really, really beat the crap out of it.

Haven't touched my driveway in 15 years, and it was at lease 5 before that when it got a new top.

I guess it is looking a little crumbly on the edges. And here and there.
And there is that place where the new water line was run underneath the drive. What's a little 3 inch gap?

/homeowner shame

"least" . Sheesh.

No, Michelle, you aren't the only one to document contracting work. Lileks has been doing the same thing with his improvements all summer, mostly complaining that the contractors don't call him when they don't show up, which bugs him to no end - he figures he'd be happy if they at least let him know they wouldn't be there.