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KoK updates and some NoLa metal

First: Elizabeth, Rodney and Nancy, your Amazon shipments arrived. Thank you so much.

For everyone worried that their Amazon orders will not get here in time, no fear: whatever is not here to put on my truck, I will deliver to one of the literally hundreds of schools and organizations around here that are sending trucks down. I also heard that some of the evacuees will be coming to Long Island, so I can always get stuff diretly to those families if it doesn't arrive at my house in time.

Today has not been a great day as I feel like crap on a stick, and I completely forgot about Wednesday musical chairs day and my promise to write something up about NoLa heavy metal. Unfortunately, I don't think I can put something together. My rotted brain is not going to do justice to a good topic and, therefore, I will wait until Thursday or Friday to do it.

However, I do have one song from you by my favorite New Orleans band, from an album that would be on my list of music to take to a desert island:

Crowbar - Planets Collide (from the album Odd Fellows Rest)

Enjoy! (warning: very, very heavy - if you like your music bright and poptastic, this is not going to be your thing).

Apologies to my fellow musical chairs bloggers. Those who did get posts up today are Courtney, covering Alex Chilton and Andrew who covered Lucinda Williams


Kitty Kowalski is one of my favorite rock & roll musicians. She's from NYC, but she's currently living in Sweden on assignment for her employer. Anyway, she just made a hilarious blog post about her first visit to a Swedish grocery store, and kok (with umlauts) figures prominently in the story. Seeing the headline on this post jogged my addled brain, even though Swedish kok has absolutely nothing to do with the very worthy cause Michele is working on.

So, if anyone would like a little racy humor with Swedish vegetables to help get your mind off the ongoing disaster on coast, check out Kitty's post.