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an cool interlude

Here are some penguins because I don't feel like talking anymore.

showers of the penguins

Everybody loves penguins. EVERYBODY. In fact, I like penguins more than I like people.


I'm off to get a doctor-ordered cat scan of my sinuses. Whee.

Oh, and for an update: The Amazon packages are starting to roll in, my neighbors are piling stuff up at my door and the donations keep coming. Thank you everyone. Still waiting on an exact ship date, but it looks the stuff IS going to both Baton Rouge and Houston. I'll be in touch with you Houston people very soon.


Ain't my relatives cuteypies?

I thought you might be able to use some of this info I found on an education blog for your kids for katrina drive.


Amazon.com says that my stuff won't be delivered until next week (9/12-15). Hopefully, that info is helpful.

Do penguins have knees?

I had a "Penguin Contact" at Mystic aquarium fairly recently... it RAWKED! Penguins rule!

Mark, that "mu.nu" suffix makes me wonder of the nature of your question.... In cahoots with Ace, eh?

Yeah, verily, we bear the lower appendage hinges. We are the pre-emininet catchers and goaltenders...right squatty bastards, wot!

(don't even ask...)

More penguins in the news:
inspecting the Royal Guard.

She loves penguins! She loves penguins!


But they are not EVIL birds of satan!! They are the anti-bird!

Y'know, Pen-gu-ins is prac-tic-cally chicken.

Michele, I when I read your comment at work I started to laugh loudly, then I tried to suspress it so instead I made a bunch of disgusting grunt noises.

The anti-bird! Wotta concept!