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The stress-related sore throat and the various allergy-related symptoms were just the manifestation of a larger, uglier beast known as the raging sinus infection.

Quickly, I just want to say that it looks like Baton Rouge is a go as well as Houston for Kids of Katrina. Supplies are piling up at home and in my workplace, money sitting in PayPal just waiting for me to get to National Wholesale Liquidators and buy out their supplies.

I owe a lot of people email. I've read it all, but I just can't answer it. I am zombified by this infection.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow.




I just do not understand the logic behind Flo-Naz.

No, I don't mean the spray itself, I mean the name. Look at it this way: Would you take a diarrhea medication called "Flo-Ass?"

Will said what I was gonna say.