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more stuff

This story made me blubber like a little girl. In a good way.

I will NOT be on the Tammy Bruce show today, as previously announced, as my voice has disappeared (as it always does when I'm tired and stressed out). It will happen later in the week, I will let you know when.

I'd just like to thank Tammy publicly for her support of Kids of Katrina.

Thank you also to Joelle of Snappy Hour for these great buttons which you may use if you want to link to the project:




Finally a story that didn't make me cringe in horror.

Thanks for sharing the link. It made my day.

10 copies each of 2 of my favorite childhood books (from your wish list) on the way!

Sorry about your voice, Michele, but at least this means that I have the opportunity to install my Sirius radio in my car so I can listen when you do get to "appear" on the show.

Here is my sappy news story of the day today - Two brothers who made it and reunited with their family.

I'm sure there will be many more to come in the next few days. It makes me cry every time though. At least for right now.