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more kids of katrina updates, info

Instead of answering 127 pieces of email all asking for the same info, I am going to do it here.

For those asking about ways to participate in Kids for Katrina, go here.

For those who have started their own drives and are looking for specific addresses to send the goods to, go here.

For those who want to know if I can send a truck to their area as well, I have to say that depends on how much supplies I collect from my neighbors and co-workers and how much I get in donations. I am doing what I can and right now I know I'll have enough to go to Houston School District and hopefully enough to go to Baton Rouge - also, for every shipment I send out, that means I need a truck and driver donated. All I can tell you is to try to go through your own community, see if you can get shipping donated and use the link above to figure out where to send it. Every day, new cities are being added to the list of people taking in survivors. Over one million people need our help.

For those looking for similar drives, try here or here.

For those who email to ask why bother when so many other people are doing it, I ask you to go here: One million people displaced. No matter how many flats of water and shoes and school supplies you see, it's probably not enough.

Also, I will be on the Tammy Bruce show at 12:30 EST today, talking about Kids of Katrina.

If I think of anything else or find more emailed questions to answer, I'll do it here.

One other note, if you are planning on sending supplies to me through the Amazon wishlist, I would suggest doing it today or tomorrow to make sure the stuff gets here on time (and don't worry, if it doesn't, I will send it down).


So far, $379.91 donated via the Amazon Wishlist. I'm so glad you made that an option!

Ok..TOTALLY off topic. But i swear...did you make this list?


too funny

Hey there. :) I made you a couple buttons this morning so that you could have some smaller ones for those who need them. It's nothing much. I made a few for Jett, too, at Decablog.

I love that you're doing this! Just as an FYI, SchoolKidz.com (I know you know the site, because I read about it here first and ordered my kids' supplies from there) has a sub-site called "Kits for Kidz" where they sell basic school supply kits for $12 (complete with a nifty heavy-duty cardboard carrying case) and very nice backpacks for $6. My church just purchased 50 kits and backpacks to give away to neighborhood kids, and we're going to have some sent to Houston for the kids in the Alamo Dome as well. I know some people are giving you cash contributions...using the money at Kits for Kidz is just a thought. Keep up the good work!