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i am cat blogger

It only took a week, but I've become one of those cat people.

strike a pose
click for bigger, more kitty pictures there

Cutest thing ever.

But so, so tempermental.


"One of us, One of us!" Welcome to the fold. Oh, you're in for it now.

Sucker. ;-)

She is so adorable! I just want to scritch her little head!


I just got kittens too!

(I'm way too excited about this)

I posted the first photos on my site. Hopefully they emerge from under the couch soon.

They do mellow with age.

Yeah, they slow down at about 7.

Years, not o'clock.

She's already got that "I've figured out how to wrap them around my paw" look. You're doomed!

taking pictures of cats is like heroin: you just can't stop. But posting them? Well, now, we're talking pure crack. Just ask "Full of Crap."

Nice furball, if I do say so myself. Glad you're getting her used to the camera early so that you can catch the whole spectrum between "Are you getting my good side?" and "Geez, more pictures?!?"

She's not tempermental, she's training you!

Master shake. What a great name.

Looks just like our cat, Eddie. Very good picture!