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Good neighbors

Kids of Katrina donations

Two women from around the corner dropped all these supplies off today (everything from backpacks and calculators to erasers). It's a great start, and they said that all of the people on their block would be stopping by this week with donations. They also offered to help organize everything when it gets closer to shipment day.

We've got over $1500 in Paypal donations so far, and the Amazon wishlist is getting filled up. I have four people asking for donations at their respective churches and I haven't even started at work yet.

People are good.

Kids of Katrina
[Click for more info, Paypal and whishlist links and other ways to help]


Howdy. I've spent the last three days down at the Dallas Convention Center and am finding it just takes lots of time for donated items to get to the evacuees. There are so many - probably hundreds - different organizations collecting stuff, then apparently the Red Cross has certain regulations, and it takes time to get it to the sites and sorted out and organized. Plus, I honestly couldn't tell you how many of the evacuees have already departed from the big shelters, like the Convention Center and found places to stay with family, churches, and even strangers.

The only thing I could suggest is sending the school supplies to the actual schools, or school districts.

Beth, the Kids of Katrina stuff is going directly to the school district.