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Good News Part VII

Kids of Katrina info here

I haven't forgotten. Continuing on.

  • Our community has opened its arms to family, friends and strangers who fled to escape the storm. Daily Post reporters have been swamped with stories of kindness and generosity. We're getting as many as we can into the paper. But time and space prevent us from relating all the good news and heartwarming stories.
  • Really good news: Over $1,000 in contributions to the Kids of Katrina fund so far!

You know the drill. Got links to heartwarming stories from NO or Mississippi or wherever, leave them in the comments. I'm off to find more.

More here

I don't know where my fixation with the name katrina comes from, but I'm trying to catch all instances of it - let me know if I missed any. Katrina, not katrina. Repeat.

Ok, I am exhausted. I will continue the good news tomorrow. Please, if you find stories, let me know.


So, I just have to ask. Is it "Kids of Katrina," or "Kristina," or "Kristan"? And who are Kristina and Kristan?

We just runnin' through all the female K names there, babe?

I just caught the Kristina thing too. Oops!

Here is my "good news" of the day - New Orleans couple weds in shelter. I thought it was sweet how many people came together to just give a touch of "normal" to them.

Holy shit, I am so freaking tired. I should really just pack it in tonight.

oops - and one more kristina in the third paragraph of today's 2:34 pm entry.

and p.s. i'm not emailing these since you asked on the post about them; otherwise i'd be doing it discretely. feel free to delete my posts if you'd rather not have them in the comments.

and here's why i don't post comments very often:

i posted the following comment about "kristina" on the next entry instead of this one, and then my p.s. here. and i'm not even tired! so, apologies.

did a quick search of your page, michele, and the only occurrences of "kristina" are in your 4:16 pm item posted today, 9/4.

Seized knockoffs for hurricane victims:


Hope the kids have a great first day of school!

From Kristin @ ENews:
Okay. I've gotta go. But before I do, a personal note. There's been so little good news lately, I simply must share. My best friend's grandmother was in a New Orleans hospital when Katrina hit and has been missing for the past two weeks. And thanks to CNN Headline News producer Keren Schiffman (who is an angel) and the amazing people at CNN, she was just found a half hour ago. Keren got my friend's father on Nancy Grace's show, and a viewer recognized the same birth date (!) of an unclaimed patient in an Atlanta hospital. The name on her chart was wrong, but the picture matched. The family is beyond relieved. Anyway, to those of you still looking for loved ones, don't give up. And to those of you who can help, please do so in whatever way you can. Much love to you all.