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an alternate way to participate in kids of katrina

Kids of katrina info here

A LOT of people have been asking "How can I send stuff through you, without using Paypal or using the time/money to ship things over to you, just to have them shipped down there?" Or something to that affect.

Here's how!

I started a new Amazon wishlist called Kids of katrina, with just school supplies and stuff on the original list on the wishlist. Anything ordered today or tomorrow should definitely be shipped here in time to get on the truck.

The wishlist is here.

It's new, being added to as I write this by the lovely Jennifer. Thank you, Jennifer!

Also, if you would rather just send the stuff to the areas yourself, please check this page for addresses, contact info, etc.

It doesn't really matter who you send the stuff through (though I DO appreciate those that want to go through Kids of katrina) as long as it gets there. Here are some other people collecting:

Project Backpack
Decablog toy drive

And I know, I know, this is all I've been writing about. Deal.

Update: Holy, wow! So much stuff has been purchased already. THANK YOU!


Oh, what a wonderful idea! The wishlist! Awesome.

please point me in the direction of anyone who is actually complaining about the fact that this is all you've been writing about. please. seriously. i'd like a word with them.

If anyone has any good kid's book ideas, shoot me an email at jennifer@cupandsaucer.com, and I'll add them to the wishlist.

I went to Amazon to get some stuff to send to you but I don't have an address of where to send it. How do we get the books either to you or to the areas where it's needed?

Email me at the above address and let me know. I will send it out.

Ignore above. I didn't see the address above next to mine in my shopping cart. Somehow I just missed it.

Sorry me again. I linked to the Wishlist on my blog. I am going to throw it in my gutter also.

Just added a ton more books and several music and story cds to the wishlist. To those of you who emailed suggestions -- thank you!! :o)

Thank you SO much for giving us this option. I don't have a PayPal account and was going to set up one just so i could donate like i wanted to.

You rock.

Washington DC and other cities are gathering the backpacks to deliver to Houston and elsewhere - tell me if you want to setup a city and we can add to our website. See www.projectbackpack.org