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Yes, there still is good news...

And this is my favorite story yet.

Shelter resident Rochelle Smith, a Jackson-area woman who was homeless before the storm, heard of Williams' plight on Thursday and decided that a lack of wedding dress or cake wasn't going to stop the couple from having their special day.

On Saturday, the couple were married.

As children played and weary survivors slept, Williams and Kirsh exchanged vows before an Episcopalian minister and a crowd seated in folding chairs. Some snapped photos with instant cameras, while others used camera phones to capture the moment.

I was wondering whether or not to continue with the "good news" postings. I think this story has just inspired me to continue.


Oh, please, please do continue. Coming to this blog everyday to read these kinds of stories is like opening a window on the only fresh air available in the midst of this rancid event.

giggle Great minds think alike - I thought of your "Good News" posts as soon as I saw the story!

What Jennifer said.

There's more than enough sensationalistic bad news to fill all the networks - what most folks are really hungry for, I think, is some reassurance that people are out there doing decent and kind things.

Please continue this!!! We need all the good we can find to read. So much BAD. I know there has to be some good coming from this. Thank You