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Lists, Addresses, New URL for the supply drive

For those who want to send items directly to the affected areas, this site has a huge list of places that are taking/handing out donations and what they specifically need.

I have made a separate page for the drive. If you are linking, please link to this page:

Kids of Katrina

Please refer to that page in the future, I will let you know if it's been updated. I will make a giant list of everyone who is helping with this and add it on there.

Funny, I just got an email from someone asking why I am bothering, that it's redundant, that there are so many people sending stuff I shouldn't even be doing this. Imagine if everyone thought like that? If everyone said, someone else is doing it, so I won't bother? And you know what? Even if they end up with extra stuff, there is always someone in need of supplies, clothing, etc. Always.

Again, for the all people asking how they can get a school supplies drive started, all I can tell you is to call your local shipping companies and see if you can get a truck donated for the cause. Print up flyers, put them around your neighborhood, pass them out at work, have your kids take them to school. Look at the list of addresses in that first link, and the contact info - pick a place, see exactly what they need and send it there. I don't think any amount of any goods is too much, so don't worry about overwhelming the people, I believe they will just pass what they can't use on to people who can.


Just as an FYI, I saw on TV this morning that Staples was advertising that they are selling 10 Colored RoseArt markers for 39c and boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons for 25c. That might be comparable to a dollar store, if they're selling them for that price at Staples anywhere near you.

I've been searching for a list containing actual addresses I can send stuff to. I'm getting ready to move, so I have lots of extra stuff, just not a whole lot of cash right now. This way I can still help out :)

Redundant? That's ridiculous. The people who are trying to do the same type of thing might be able share resources and strategy tips with each other. If nothing else, it's better that there's too much stuff than too little. Sheesh.

We have a mailing address in the Austin area. Anything that is shipped directly to us can then be delivered to Houston, San Antonio, and the local Austin shelters.

We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization so all donations (monetary & in-kind product) are tax deductible too.

Please send anyone from your site that would like to send the items directly here so as to help you out with the rising shipping costs that you are incurring from the east coast.

Please visit our website at www.ICDworld.org and follow the link to Katrina Relief. Thank you for all you are doing and God Bless You!