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i will hypnotize you with cat pictures!
(Another Kids of Katrina post)

what? i will eat your soul

Master Shake is adjusting well to her home. She has become somewhat fixated with my husband and follows him around the house and I think she has a little streak of jealousy toward me. She likes to watch television, attack little wads of paper and sleep in our closet. So far, she's a lot of fun and I think DJ may be only slighlty allergic to her.

And now, Master Shake has a message for you all:


Which means:

I am overwhelmed with emails from people Houston and other areas in Texas telling me what they need. I started with school supplies specifically, but now I am trying to get together some toys and games for the kids, socks, basic toiletry supplies and books. I have specific shelters where these things need to go and several people who are looking to pick up packages at our Houston drop off point.

I am afraid I won't have enough to go around. I am counting on my neighbors and co-workers to come through for me; so far only two neighbors have brought over school supplies and I won't even be able to get started collecting at work until Tuesday (tomorrow is a holiday). I am so afraid that I won't have enough, that we won't fill one truck let alone two (one for Baton Rouge). I know that probably ALL of you have donated to one charity or another already and I don't want to ask to often, but I could really use more donations so I can go out and buy the things people are emailing and asking for.

I know other people are asking if they can do the same and I don't know what to tell them - they want to send the stuff to ME to put on the truck to go down there, but the shipping cost is prohibitive and it seems redundant to send it here to Long Island and then there - all I can tell you is to call around to shipping companies and if you get a drive started in your neighborhood see if one of those companies will donate the shipping. I want to help everyone get their drives off the ground, I really do, but I did not do this alone, I have Aaron and Trish and Kimberly and Donald and Dan and other people making calls for me, doing a lot of the leg work, finding out what's needed, putting me in touch with the right people, coordinating things (and I will get in touch with ALL of you as soon as I get the definite ship date from uship.com which probably will not be until Tuesday).

I am kind of overwhelmed right now with anxiety that I won't have enough, or that I can't help all the people who need/want my help. I'm hearing from people in Florida, too, that there are so many refugees there and they need their basic needs met and the people who are taking them in need help - I am doing the best I can (WE are doing the best WE can), what I need is for anyone in the Long Island area who can collect goods for me at their work or schools or from their neighbors and drop them off to my house to email me and we can work that out, and also donations. I really need donations to get to the stores and get new school supplies and decks of cards and books and even stuff for the babies, they need pacifiers and bottle liners - the little things people don't always think about.

I hate to spend every day on this site just begging and asking for help over and over again but I will until I get this done yet, what more can anyone ask of people? Everyone I know has given in some form already. There are just so many people to help. The magnitude of this, the amount of people stranded and homeless and without anything....I wonder if anyone is collecting for the people in Mississippi...

Ok, rambling again. I am going to gather my thoughts and pull myself together and hope for the best with this.

Have I thanked you all again for all your help? Ok, thank you. And I don't just mean thank you for helping ME do this, I mean thank you in general, to anyone who has done anything to help this people - we should all thank each other for just being good to each other, for giving each other faith in humanity....

Ok, I'll stop now. Stopping.

If you need more info on Kids of Katrina, please click on the graphic, it's all there.

[And I just realized that some of the thank you emails I sent out said Hurrican katrina, not Katrina. No idea why katrina keeps coming out instead of Katrina.]

Update: Here is a list of places to send items, contact info for people collecting, and items need. (thanks carol)


You realize posting those pics is like placing a plate of nip in front of a certain blogboy, right?

Aww.. i'm not really a huge cat lover, but that little kitty girl is a little sweetheart.

love the kitty!

as you mentioned, i've already given all the money i can spare to the red cross. but i applaud your efforts.

know what, on second thought, fuck it. i donated. thank you for all the work you have been doing.

In what state do you live? I'm in Arizona and am looking for a place to deliver my little cache of stuff for kids.


I'm having to redo my paypal account and as soon as it's confirmed and working (a couple of days?) I'll be donating what I can - wish it could be more, but I know every little bit helps.
Thank you for doing this Michele.

After I bought my own children's back to school supplies, I made my paypal donation [yet another Jen]; I wish that I could do more.

Thank you for offering this opportunity to help!