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update on the school supplies

Things are moving along at a fast pace with the Kids of Katrina school supplies drive [please see here for specifics on the drive and how to help]:

A couple of notes:

We have a definite place for the supplies to go to - there is already an agency coordinating deliveries of school supplies and we will send them there.

I have a few specific teachers/schools I've heard from and some of the packages will be marked just for them.

My friend Dan (the one who was at the Astrodome the other night) let me know about a church in Houston that is taking in refugees. They need toys and games for the kids as well as school supplies. So if anyone wants specifically to donate money to purchase toys for the kids, I do believe that PayPal has a place where you can leave a note, or you can just email me and let me know.

The kids also are in dire need of socks and shoes. I'm going to let my co-workers and neighbors know about this, maybe we can collect some of those items also.

Thanks again to Trish who is coordinating everything in Houston, I could not accomplish this without her and thanks to all who donated time and/or money.

If you are in Houston and volunteered to help and did not hear from me yet, PLEASE email me again, put HOUSTON in the header, I am swamped with email and might have overlooked yours.

I had my kids go around the neighborhood and leave flyers in mailboxes yesterday, and two people knocked on my door already today with bags of school stuff. We are off to a great start. Please help keep this going, let people know about it.

If anyone has any other suggestions/contacts/whatever, just email. I will be out for a few hours but I will answer all emails tonight.


Sent a donation via Pay Pal.
Thank you for putting this together!

When you say "We have a definite place for the supplies to go to - there is already an agency coordinating deliveries of school supplies and we will send them there," does that apply to Baton Rouge as well, or just Houston?

I do know that Houston ISD is accepting school supplies donations and they plan to distribute them via volunteers once plans are confirmed how the children will be absorbed into the Houston school system. Understandably, none of this can be coordinated until after the holiday weekend. I don't know about Baton Rouge, I called Houston ISD directly and asked them the best way for people from out of town to send donations, and that's what I was told, so maybe you should contact the school district there and ask them to confirm.

tried, the people i need wont be in until monday. will try again then.

I live in Grapevine, TX and there are 700 evacuees at the Hilton there. Toys for the kids are great, but don't forget the adults. I went to Target and loaded up on playing cards, dominos, Uno cards (those are in high demand!), Go Fish cards, and coloring books and crayons. The adults loved the dominos and the cards. People were dropping off donations the entire 3 hours I was there. Massive amounts of clothes, alot of them new, plus new underwear and socks. Everyone was grateful and seemed in optimistic spirits. Fort Worth has said they can take no more donations of material items, they are overwhelmed. The entire DFW area is full of these displaced persons, and any help sent our way is appreciated, as well. Thanks for the good news links, they are encouraging and show the best of America.