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more on good news and school supplies

I will be out most of the day today. I ask two things of you. One, please, if you can, spread the word about this:

Click for more info, if you are going to link, please use that specific URL

[And I will have updates on the progress with that this evening]

Two, please, please see the good news post below - I would love it if everyone who stops by here goes and finds one "good news" link to put on that post when I get home (just leave the link in the comments).

And thanks to everyone who has emailed links and offers of help/money/contacts/ideas.


Here's a bit of good news I just read: The National Guard took back the Convention Center on Friday with no resistance.

With reports of thugs and criminals among the thousands of people stranded at the convention center, Guard commanders didn't move in until Friday, when there was a sufficiently large force to take on any resistance, said Lt. Gen. Steven H. Blum, chief of the National Guard Bureau. Weapons were found at the site but no shots were fired and no Guardsmen were injured, Blum said. "It was done almost invisibly," Blum told reporters at the Pentagon.

More good news: Carnival is pulling three ships from service and will use them to house 7,000 refugees for six months. Kudos for giving up the revenue these ships would otherwise provide.