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Good News, Part VI

[Side note: I am really behind on my email, trying desperately to catch up, I WILL answer all today]

Ok, I have not given up yet. Let's roll on.

To recap: good news from New Orleans or Mississippi, people helping each other, heartwarming stories, reuinited families, you know the drill by now. Leave all relevant links in the comments. There are six parts to this series.

  • Attention knitters:
I am collecting knitted or crocheted goods for the smallest victims. For right now, things such as baby bootees or small children socks are probably best; as we get more into fall, things like sweaters and blankets will be needed. I will take anything I receive to the Northwest Assistance Ministry to distribute to those in need. Leave a comment with your e-mail if you would like more details. Raid your stash, knit for the babies!



Thanks so much for the links and good news.

I'm forwarding especially the knitting one to a couple of friends of mine who already crochet hats, booties and blankies for local hospital neonatal units - I'm sure they'd be happy to donate this month's effort for the hurricane relief.

I don't know if someone else has sent this to you, but the Humane Society is also coordinating efforts in the hurricane area.

Thanks for spreading the word to the knitters. I'm going to try to get it out further before I pick up my needles this afternoon.

My good news for the day? 18,000 apartments across Texas are available to survivors. "Families eligible for Federal Emergency Management Agency financial aid can receive vouchers to move into the apartments."


Thank you so much for your "good news" posts. As a former resident of NO with most of my friends and family still living there and in the immediate environs, I have been heartsick, scared, and anxious all week. Coming to your "Good News" posts has really helped me cope.

So now I want to share some "good news" from the NOLA breaking news blog. While the entry itself is heartwarming, I particularly loved the last four paragraphs. The elderly woman described there represents, to me, the spirit and soul of that wonderful city. I hope she doesn't stop saying "dat" and "dis" though!


And more good news about the Zoo:


Employers going to great lengths to help their employees: http://news.yahoo.com/s/washpost/20050903/tc_washpost/offering_comforts__firms_look_for_their_employees&printer=1


The Dutch navy is on its way and are already consulting with our engineers about building a better leveee system.

Freescale "is offering abandoned office and manufacturing space in Northeast Austin to store supplies and equipment for refugees."

I have have checked out the metal section of bands participating in the money donation on CD Baby and there is damn good stuff there. Quite a few of those CDs are for sale in the shops in UK & Europe.

My band is planning to donate %10 from each sale of our new single to the Katrina relief fund. Hope to have it up for sale on CD Baby by next week. We are just about done with the mixing. Having a known name producer having a gander at it tomorrow to give it the final ok.