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good news, etc.

Just wanted to let you know that although I've been absent most of the day, I have been updating the Good News, part V thread.

I'm trying to catch up on my email, I have a zillion mails from people who want to help out with the school supplies - I have Trish organizing things in Houston, please email me contact info if you want to help out there. I am in serious need of help in Baton Rouge, I have only Dave there so far. And thanks to everyone who put money in the PayPal, and I'll mention it again for those who are emailing asking how to donate school supplies if they aren't in my area:

My Paypal button is on the left sidebar. If you donate, I will use the money to purchase school supplies to put on the truck. Simple as that. You have to trust a complete stranger with your money, yes - but I think a lot of readers will vouch for me, I've done things like this before.

Thank you a million times to everyone who has sent good news links, volunteered to help out with the school thing or have actually gone there and helped out, like Tari. Like I said to her in email today, it may not be my place to thank you, but someone should, so I will. We will.


I notice a LOT of Long Island visitors in my referrals. If any of you want to come help load up the truck when we are ready, please email me, micheleREMOVETHIS.catalanoATgmail.com.

Everyone else, please use that address, too, if you need to contact me. I forget to check the other address sometimes.

Bloggers, if you could link to this, that would be great - the more people that know about it, the more possible contacts in both cities I'm likely to make, the more donations for supplies I'll get, etc.


Just heard from someone in Orlando is who coordinating a school supply drive there - I'm putting her in contact with my Houston contact. This is wonderful!

katrina1.jpg katrina2.jpg

Thanks to Dave, my Baton Rouge contact, for those images.


I just wanted to add my voice to those who have already praised what you are doing. Focusing on the positives and galvanizing efforts to help are exactly what the survivors and the rest of the country need right now.

You are one of the best human beings I may never meet. :)


These folks need clothes, shoes, socks - have you heard about any charities focusing on clothing donation?

I don't have any definite links yet, but I am going to take donations of clothing as well, if anyone offers.

Michele - I'm around this entire long weekend if you want me to come out and help you load a truck. Just tell me where and when, baby.

Ian- I'm down in Baton Rouge and the best bet for clothing donations is the Salvation Army. They're visiting all the shelters here regularly to drop off donated clothing and personal items. I would assume it's the same in Houston, San Antonio, and all the other cities with shelters.

I'm sure you could have some stuff shipped to a specific local chapter if you wanted to.

I was thinkin' about New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and all that, and decided that it might be a good idea to have a "donate some money, we'll show you our tits" benefit thingy.

What do ya think?

Michelle and Dave please email me.


I'm in Baton Rouge if you remember. I apologize for my absence, my company sent me to Lake Charles today for work so I have been out of pocket. Please call with any requests. Dave, do you have any contacts in the parish yet?

Joshua- i'll contact you shortly


I haven't piped in before now but I wanted to say thanks for what you've been doing. It means a lot and I want you know that it means a great deal to me personally.

Hi! I am so glad to have wandered across your blog. The news of the hurricane and the storm of opinion regarding it is so depressing. I am encouraged to see the way people are coming together and helping out! I love the picture of the kids collecting $$$ on the side of the road-I hope you don't mind but I posted it on my blog. If this is a problem PLEASE let me know and I will take it off!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Northwest Assistance Ministries in Houston is taking clothing donations. (NAM for short.) All of the churches are sending us there to get our clothing donations out to the people in need.

Let me know if you need more details.

Thanks so much for posting info about NAM. I found it a challenge to find someone to take in-kind donations. I'll let all of my family and friends know about this as well.

Thanks, Michele~! For organizing this drive. I'll be checking into your website now. I decided you were worth the risk...LOL...and hit that paypal button! God bless you! BTW, I saw a link to you on Sanity's Bluff and I have shared it with another forum I post on as well.

I am in Florida, and would ship boxes of clothing to any location in the stricken areas if I had a delivery address. (I know charities can't accept clothing, as it is costly to distribute.)

My 2 1/2 yr. old has outgrown all of her 18-24 mo. clothes (some not even worn!) and I would love to donate them if I could find out where and how. I know the children in shelters need clothes. I am in the DC area. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

I see a couple of postings for sending clothing directly to certain organizations. Can someone please provide more information on a ship to address? We are in the Orlando area so if anyone is gathering clothing already that would work as well. We have a lot of childrens clothing and some diapers we would be happy to send along if we knew they would find the right hands on the other end. Thanks for the help!

Kudos, michelle.

The paypal's in the e-mail, as the kids say.

yes, i would also like to see a list of places where i could mail clothing/household donations to. i can't seem to find anywhere local in western new york to give them to. thank you! :)

The information for sending clothing/household items for hurricane victims is:

Ray Elsberry- Northwest Assistance Ministries
4750 Northside Methodist Home Rd.
Jackson, Mi 39213
(601) 401-2975

Hope this helps

That's just one of many places.

Hey about clothes - most agencies are freaking out because they are receiving too many clothes and don't know what to do with them! And did anyone consider how much laundry is needing to be done? We did - we have a halfway house 40 mi. n. of Houston and we are taking in up to 25 victims into 5 of our houses. We are needing donations of a washer and dryer. If anyone can help with that please let us know. After Sat. the 10th check out our website www.wholeway.org to see how you can help us directly - sometimes the big agencies take too long to get to everyone. We are a non-profit run by christian bikers soldiersforjesusmc.com

I have an extensive set of quality books - both hardcover and paperbacks for shool age children that I would like to donate. Is there a place to mail them; Houston, San Antonio, or others?

I just called the Salvation Army in Baton Rouge. They said that initially they received massive amounts of clothing donations and that it has severely dropped off. There is incorrect information being spread that clothing and necessities are no longer needed. This is incorrect. The Salvation Army in Baton Rouge is visiting victims and handing out clothing donations. They thanked us for not forgetting them and asked that we please ship clothing & necessity donations to:

Salvation Army The 4025 W Brookstown Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70805 (225) 357-3267

Children in this area wear maroon and navy blue polo shirts to school. They also need school supplies.

Dont' foget strollers and diaper bags, purses, wallets, etc. think about what you use every day and SEND IT! God Bless :)

My son's school in Washington hs put together an impressive school supply donation, There are backpacks, books, school supplies and personal items. Can we send them somewhere?

I'm looking for any organization/church, etc. in the New York, Long Island area to donate clothes/toys. My Brownie troop is working very hard to get items together to donate. Any info. in this area would be great. thanks.

Hi --
I am also from LI, NY and have clothing I would like to donate somewhere. The Salvation Army up here is only accepting monetary donations. Any ideas? Thanks.