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School Supplies Drive is a GO!!!
[Official Kids of Katrina post]

[Please note the drive now has it's own page, go here]

Just got an email from Aaron at Free Will blog.

We got it: Uship.com, an open marketplace for freight drivers, is "95% sure" they can sponsor [the school supplies drive] outright, but they say they'll definitely find a way to make it happen.

Thank you so much, Aaron.

I am trying to get a truck to both Houston and Baton Rouge, and possibly San Antonio. Which means we'll need a lot of supplies. A LOT.

What I need is people in both places to coordinate on that end for me. I need a drop off point - the best place would be the school district building, but a firehouse would do. I know there are already some firehouses collecting stuff in Houston until the 5th, but I doubt I would get what I collect down there before then. In fact, with the holiday weekend, that's impossible.

So anyone in Houston or Baton Rouge, if you could help out on that end, that would be great.

I will also be accepting PayPal donations for those who want me to pick up supplies for them to add to the collection. I'll probably be getting most of the supplies from the local dollar stores, so a little money goes a long way.

I'm going to make a poster to distribute at work and throughout my neigborhood. If anyone is in the Long Island area and wants to help out, just send me an email.

Thank you to everyone who did so much legwork on this, and if you are still looking into shipping, please don't stop. Maybe we can get this set up in other cities, too.

Again, anyone who wants to be a contact in Houston who can work out a drop off point for the supplies, that would be great.

EVERY CENT will go towards purchasing school supplies for the kids. I will even cover whatever cut PayPal takes out.

I'm calling this the Kids of Katrina School Drive Fund. Just FYI.

Update again: I have a contact in Houston (Trish) who will see to it that the supplies get to the schools and the Astrodome itself, as I understand they are setting up classrooms right inside the stadium. Trish is also gathering people to help her distribute the supplies. Please email me if you are in Houston and want to help.

And thank you, everyone who has gone above and beyond in helping to get this off the ground. Debbie, Aaron, Trish, Donald, Dave, everyone.

For those who want to a post to link to, or further explanation, see below.

Kids of Katrina School Supplies drive is just what it sounds like.

I will be collecting school supplies from my fellow employees and my neighbors to send to Houston and Baton Rouge. Shipping will be supplied by uship.com.

I have people on the ground in both Houston and Baton Rouge who will accept the delivery and get them to the schools where they are needed the most.

For those who would like to participate by having me buy school supplies to put on the truck for them, you can use my PayPal link on the left sidebar to do that.

If anyone else in Baton Rouge or Houston wants to help, please email me.

Anyone who wants to link to this so that I may come up with more people to help out either here on Long Island or in either BR or Houston, or more donations, or people who may get the idea to start this in their own towns, please link to THIS post. Feel free to use one of the graphics above.

I am anticipating that I will be loading the truck by the end of next week. I will let you know when I have a definite date.

Thank you to the many, many people who have gone above and beyond on this already. This is definitely a group project, not a solo one. I would not be doing this if not for the generosity of so many people.


Michele - I know you hate Staples, but they have mega cheap pads of paper, glue, pencils, etc right now. I think I got something like 6 notepads for a buck or something. Glue and crayons were .09 a box (of 24). If you get something going in Michigan lemme know. I'm in Detroit. I can ask, my for 9/11 my husband's company send a few tractor-trailer to aid. He hasn't heard (yet) if they plan to do that again.

Count me in in Houston, Michele. I emailed you my number the other day.

Educational Products Inc. is a school supply company based in TX. Our school system has been in contact with them to collect money and have them deliver bulk school supplies to Houston. They are offering a 25% discount. We also have an in with the mayor's wife.

Hey, I just paypaled you some money, but I never saw a spot to say that it was Katrina related. So whenever you get the one from Laura W., that's me. :)

Consider me your point person in Baton Rouge. Anything you need.

Well done Michele. This is a stellar effort on your part. I am sure they will really appreciate your efforts on their behalf.

I was at Target last night and all their school supplies were on rock bottom clearance. I'd presume the same for Walmarts and the like. You may be able to get even more things at those stores right now. Good luck. This is such a rad endeavor. I'll do what I can for you.
Also, thanks for putting the 'feel good' stories. We all need that.

This isnt directly school supplies, and I emailed this too (but i dont know if that got thru) but....

"Ellen DeGeneres has just posted this link on her website:


Warner Bros. Entertainment has already donated $500,000, and has pledged in addition to match all donations made through the above link up to another $500,000."

Saw this info on another blog, thought it might help....

from http://austinbay.net/blog/index.php?p=532

School Supplies
Houston ISD has requested school supplies for refugee children (list below). Beginning Tuesday, September 6, contributions of school supplies gathered by Episcopal congregations can be delivered to St. John the Divine Church, 2450 River Oaks Boulevard, Houston. Houston Independent School District Coordinator, Ms. Samples, can be reached at 713.892.6052.

That list is definitely helpful.

Linked on my blog for supplies. Thanks for providing the graphics.

We're having a staff meeting Tuesday at my school and I'll be announcing this effort. Our students would like to do something (since they were in a similar situation during Floyd in '99) and I think they would get behind something like this. I know my own kids would have loved to get school supplies while we were displaced since so much of their stuff was left behind when we evacuated.

Keep up the good work.

Michele, I am in San Antonio -- if you wind up doing something headed this way and need someone here to help coordinate or do other legwork, let me know.

I Houston, can definitely help.

Kids aren't just in one district here. My son's school started taking kids in today, and we're out in the 'burbs. They are all over the city. But the ones in the Dome are probably the worst off.

Groups like NAM and many, many others will also help distribute school supplies. Let me know if you need more info.

Anyone who can help me get school supplies and water from Pittsburgh, PA to either Houston or Baton Rouge I would be greatly relieved. I am the coordinator of a donation drive at my daughter's school. I've never done anything like this before and really could use some help also. I just seemed to stumble on the site and I am so happy I did. contact me asap destina369@yahoo.com

I would love to start a "Kids of Katrina" drive here in Nebraska. What's the best way to get in contact with you regarding this?

I would love to be able to get together and fill backpacks with school supplies and get them to these kids. Can you help me on this?


Consider me an extention of Kids of Katrina in Atlanta. I've asked school districts in affected areas to send me information about their textbook and school supply needs. I'll be coordinating a school supply drive and a textbook fund raising drive over the next week.

I'm currently working on finding a way to collect funds besides directing them to my bank account. I figure very few people will write a check out to me personally. Unfortunately, it could take weeks for the city to approve all the necessary licensing for an official non-profit organization, and then I'd probably be sent to jail by the IRS at the end of the year because I don't know squat about all the regulations and book-keeping.

I'm currently seeking an organization to accept donations on my behalf. Any ideas?

getting together the same type of thing with my daughter's school here in Michigan- do you have good adresses of where it can go.......?

I am a middle school teacher in Massachusetts. My students would like to organize a drive of coloring books and crayons that could be shipped directly to the kids in any area of Katrina's path.Can anyone tell me where I could send these supplies to help younger children. Thanks.

Hi, I am in Connecticut. I would like to get backpacks filled with supplies to the kids who need them. Please let me know where I can send/ drop them off. Thank you!

We are currently accepting donations to help rebuild schools hit by katrina. Thanks for your work with school supplies. We have been helping schools in Louisiana since 1989, and have recently shifted our focus to the damaged areas. People can help out at www.apse.us We are listed in guidestar as acadiana educational endowment. I can be reached at 337 769 1466 or at jacob@booksxyz.com with any questions


dear michele, i bought some things..where would you like me to send these items to?

We are currently collecting backpacks and school supplies and need an address to ship them to.
My phone number is (707)443-7955. I think we will have at least 100 backpacks filled with supplies.
We are in Northern California.
Vicky Rosser

Hi, I would like to coordinate a similiar effort at my school. Is there a place to donate children's books, videos etc? We are in NH.

I have quite a bit of school supplies I have accumulated and would like to donate them. Where can I send them?

I am putting together a Kids of Katrina drive here in Stamford, CT and need to know if anyone around here is already involved. Please email me if you are part of this and I can add to your shipment, if not, I am happy to include additional donations and make it a big shipment from southwestern CT.

Our student activities council and student body would like to adopt a Katrina ravished school district. If anyone knows how we can hook up with them, please email us with the information.