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Good News, Part V [udpated]

[Please note there is a part 6 here]

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I'm ready to start a new thread of good news, and I think you are all ready to read it.

I've got a lot of work on my desk to catch up right now, so I'm asking you all to please search around and find the good news for me, just leave the links in the comments.

Thank you.

Update: I probably should have clarified. To repeat:

I'm collecting stories out of NO/Mississippi. Good stories. Stories of people helping each other, people reuniting with loved ones, companies opening their wallets wide, things like that. And pictures, too. Pictures of animals being rescued or families hugging. Feel good stuff.

  • The Texas Dept of Health and Human Services are giving all evacuees 2 months of food stamps with no questions asked with driver’s license. They can also give information on free gas and reduced housing. The web site is www.hhsc.state.tx.us/. In Houston, they should call 713-767-2000 for the nearest Health and Human Services facility.
  • From reader Tari:
    Just wanted to let you know I’ve been over to the Dome this AM – amazing sight. There are people all over the parking lots – hanging clothes for donation on the fences, unloading crates of water, soap, you name it. After I read your post of Dave’s email I headed to Target for some diapers (and yes, tampons and the like, thanks to your suggestion) and then went over to the Dome. There are people directing traffic, showing you where to park with your stuff, the works. Not the most perfect and orderly set up, but cheerful, slightly chaotic, and from the looks of things, very very helpful to the people in need. My next trip will be with baggies with personal items in them – I’m taking the kids out of school at noon so they can help me put them all together (my 5 year old keeps reminding me that he needs to do something to help the people from LA - well, here’s his chance). I just sent a mass email to all of his friends’ moms and we’ll see if some others can come to help us out. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Here's the best news that people in New Orleans could hope for right now:


Buses have arrived, as have convoys with supplies.

  • "A lot of people have been really good to me in my life," said Walker, a 51-year-old independent contractor who said he canceled three jobs Thursday to volunteer for a month on the Gulf Coast at an emergency shelter. "It's time to pay back."


D.C. Retirement Home Opens Doors to Evacuated Veterans

"Welcome to D.C.! Welcome to your new home," said Rochelle Jones, a staffer for the U.S. Army Community and Family Support Center in Alexandria. Stepping forward, she enveloped Jim Holder in a hug.
"Oh, honey, I love you," said Holder, who wore a light shirt, khaki shorts, white socks and black loafers, and clutched a plastic shopping bag stuffed with a few belongings. Jones hugged harder. "I love you, too."

Here's one bit of good news I heard today. This morning, after filling my gas tank at $3.00/gal, I asked the proprietor if she had had any non-paying drive offs. She replied "Only one, but there were five customers that chased after the guy.

We now have refugees in Atlanta, many of whom are going to be staying permanently. The good news is, Southerners (even transplanted ones like the ones here in Atlanta), know how to make people feel welcome. The 33,000 sq. foot warehouse the city opened to store housing supplies for when the refugees get permenant homes is already filled ONLY ONE DAY AFTER THE STORY HIT THE NEWSPAPER.

Olive oil compound may fight disease, act like painkiller

01/09/2005- A compound found in olive oil has an anti-inflammatory action similar to the popular painkiller ibuprofen, reported US researchers yesterday.

I like olive oil. So this is good news.

Busted link.

There are thousands of evacuees staying in a shelter in Birmingham and people are really pitching in. I know of one company that is setting up tractor trailers outside its building so its employees can bring in their donations easily.

Local woman tells family in NO to come to her house. Two days later, 46 family members show up.... All are being housed by various families in town....


My daughter's school is collecting for these newest residents...

Best buy is matching $1 for $1 if you make a donation in store.

Eli Lilly donating both money and medicine.


Fannie Mae and Ford are extending help to their mortgage and car loan holders.


Dear Ladies and Sirs,
we stayed 01-01-2004 in your wonderful Town.
Tears in our eyes, we will pray for you.
God bless you.

Sorry, my english is not so well