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update on the school supplies

Everytime I'm about to lose my faith in humanity, someone sends a link to something good.

And I just received this mail:

I have two drivers who will go down and one who is asking his boss to donate a truck. I working with a contact in the trucking business who is also a local disk jockey, and we have written a letter to all transportation companies in the area looking for the donation of one or more trucks. He is also putting the plea on the air. I've spoken to our Canadian Line Haul Carrier and asked them to post a plea to their drivers, most of who own their own trucks, and can travel/work in the US. My fingers are crossed and my hopes are high. I'll keep you posted.

Spirits lifted. I may actually be able to get this thing off the ground, thanks to the hard work and generosity of the people who responded to my plea for help.

Not enough thanks to go around.


Thanks to you too! You've gotten a tremendous amount organized in only a couple of days. Amazing!

When I get back I am going to help you out anyway I can...start thinking of what I can do girlie!


Americans Open Homes to Katrina Refugees

(I wish I could say I would do this...)