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Blogging the Good, Part IV

First, if you are looking to donate, please consider Strengthen the Good.

And on with part four of the good news (now all gathered here):

Thanks to Angel for collecting links.

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Thank you so much for these. It's been a day of not wanting to watch, but not being able to not watch and I need these.

Thank you. It does help.

I was feeling very angry and frustrated this morning. It seems to me like the past hour or two has really brought a lot of good news.

The Red Cross has already gotten 100 million dollars! That makes me feel like there half a chance that the refugees might actually be able to get fed and clothed and cared for for a little while.

Papa Johns franchisee owner Keith Sullens in Houston is using his location in Reliant Stadium, which is adjacent to the Astrodome, to provide up to 10,000 Pizzas to people arriving at the Astrodome from the Superdome. He is also offering 150 delivery jobs open across the Houston area to people evacuated from New Orleans as a chance for them to get back on their feet. On the corporate Papa Johns will provide water to people evacuated to the Astrodome.

more stuff from corporations

They finally found and rescued Fats Domino! That's good news.


Here's another generous man.

and the Dutch have begun a fundraiser. See http://www.zachtei.nl/

Diddy and Jay-Z donating a million dollars:

Diddy and Jay-Z reached directly into their pockets to help the victims. On Thursday afternoon (September 1), the duo announced they are combining checkbooks to donate $1 million dollars to the American Red Cross.
Read accounts from Gulf Coast residents.

Find out how you can help with the Katrina relief efforts.

"These are our people," Diddy said. "We can't stand around waiting for these people to be taken care of we have to take care of them ourselves. I urge all our fellow artists and Americans to answer the call. These are communities that I know, communities that have always supported me. Now it's my turn to support them."

"This event has devastated hundreds of thousands of people," Jay-Z said. "We, as African-American men and leaders of our community, felt it was a necessity to join forces and help. Diddy and I are committed to supporting our people in whichever way we can."


That is so...so damn good.

Probably the coolest story that has come out of the hurricane is this one:


This 18yearold kid stole an abandoned bus, packed it with 100 people who couldn't get out of the city, and drove them from New Orleans to the Astrodome.