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calming down and looking up

Instead of addressing people who have chosen to lash out at each other instead of speaking constructively or offering up better ideas instead of striking down the ideas already offered, or just spending all their time bashing, bashing, bashing without so much as a whisper of help, I'll say this:

I was mostly mad at people who keep saying "they deserved it" or something like that. They didn't get out in time, they live in a sinkhole, etc., etc. Nobody deserves death. Nobody deserves to have their homes and businesses swept away, their families killed, their lives ruined. And please look at the situation they are in before you call them ugly names just because they are screaming and yelling and damn near rioting: They are hot, tired, hungry, some of them are sick, missing family members, they have lost all they had and they have no freaking clue what's going on, where they are going to go or when someone is going to help them. How would you react? Just ask yourself that.


The response I got to the school supply idea has been overwhelming. I have no definite plans yet, still working a lot of avenues, but would you believe I had several people offer to take time out from their jobs to drive the collected goods down there themselves? My faith in humanity lives on. I got offers of money, of calling in favors, of help here and in Houston. People are mostly good, I really believe that.

It looks like we won't be sending anything to Baton Rouge for a while. From the sound of it, no trucking company will go anywhere near the place until the surrounding areas are secure, cleaned up and safe. So we'll still go with getting the stuff to the Astrodome. As soon as I get some kind of definite transport plan in place, I will let you all know.

Thanks to everyone who offered assistance.

Here's something from the Lone Star Times, blogging live from the Astrodome.

Just went to Astrodome area. Dropped off $250 of Caprisun juice drinks. Dropped off $250 worth of Church’s Fried Chicken. Went to the parking lot where the Fiesta is. The Texans there were all graciously helping. The Louisianans were all very thankful. Is this a great world or what? Mark Russell

People are good. People are good. Yes, it's a great world and we (or I) have to sit back and remember that for every word of something horrible on tv, there is something good happening. Someone is being rescued. Someone is being reunited. Someone is being fed, medicated, clothed, found, hugged, thanked.

And thank you all who offered advice on Master Shake (the kitty). We are dealing with the news, haven't told the kids and feel no need to tell them. We'll just love the little gal the best we can while she's ours.

Anyhow, yes, I will still be collecting good news. I'm going to start a fresh thread later, just to have it up top.

Update: As far as the blogging for relief thing goes, I had no idea we were supposed to keep track of what our readers donate. How would I know that? Am I supposed to ask people for a freaking receipt to prove they donated and where they donated? A leaderboard? If this was just about giving, why keep tabs? Why show people that blog A raised a zillion dollars, but blog B, who posted with as much sincerity, only raised ten dollars? Why ask your readers at all? I don't get the necessity of something like that. But that's just me.

And 22 countries so far have offered aid. So shut up about that, k?

I'm a freaking blogging juggernaut right now. I'm in a mood and I won't shut up. I'll probably delete half this shit later. I apologize for these half assed posts.

note to self: Less coffee, more finding of good stories


Well, this is good news, although I wouldn't describe the man as spindly.

Haha, Joe gets bonus points for making me laugh.

I miss your blog so much, Joe.

Well, you, too. But also your blog.

Re: keeping track of what people donate. Meh. Don't worry about it. It's not a contest. Some people just like to make lists and charts.

more help on the way from Phoenix...


This situation is getting to be more and more like the lord the flys. I dont get all the people lashing out though. its been about 72 hours and I think the Government is trying the best it can.

The people taking food and medical supplies do not bother me. They need to do what it takes to survive. What I dont get are the ones taking TV's and such.

I hope your project goes well. I have decided to help out in the city next week at a call center (I am on vacation so I hope I can help somehow)

I don't get the necessity of something like that. But that's just me.

Ha! No it isn't.

Any offer of help, any donation, goes in the plus column ultimately. As for the born competitors, what Andrea said, plus to hell with them.

My father knows the owner of a trucking company in Alabama, with trucks that go all over the nation (part of Mayflower). I don't know if they'd have any trucks with room to spare coming from NY to TX, but I can ask.

You want something funny and nothing to do with the Katrina. Try my guitarist's new video Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now.

More good news? Houston is working to get more shelters up and running as fast as possible.

You can read stories coming out of the Astrodome in the DomeBlog.

Found there? "Technology For All, a Houston nonprofit, was coordinating with authorities to set up a center in the Astrodome with 40 desktop computers loaded with Internet connections and office productivity software.

"We're just working on this one little piece," said William Reed, the organization's chief executive. "We recognize that these folks need a connection to the outside world."

SBC donated the DSL lines.

My husband works for Shell. They sent out an e-mail today that all displaced employees will continue to be paid. In full. They have also sent us a looooong list of ways to donate. And they are coordinating housing among Houston employees and displaced employees. (We are waiting to hear if we are taking in family members, and then we will consider that option.)