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Good News, Part III [updated]

[Today is Blog for Relief day]

Please see here and here for previous entries.

Thankfully, I've received enough links to start a new thread.

To recap a bit:

I'm collecting stories out of NO/Mississippi. Good stories. Stories of people helping each other, people reuniting with loved ones, companies opening their wallets wide, things like that. And pictures, too. Pictures of animals being rescued or families hugging. Feel good stuff.

The group of mostly teenagers and young adults pooled what little money they had to buy diapers for the babies and fuel for the bus.

  • Suddenly, a woman emerged from the water and began walking toward her. She had long, disheveled black hair. "Mamma?" she shouted.

    "Oh my God, oh my God," the old woman screamed, kissing Glendalyn's hand and pressing it against her forehead.

[Thanks to Angie for the above links]

  • UA Extends Fall Admission, Free/Reduced Tuition to Students at Universities Devastated by Hurricane
    Please leave any relevant links/stories in the comments, thanks.

Speaking of good news, I can't even keep up with the emails from people willing to help find some transport for the school supplies I want to collect. Quite a few people have put money in my PayPal to purchase supplies, thank you, thank you a million times. I will post as soon as I get some definite information on getting the stuff down there, and thank you also to those who offered to accept and distribute the deliveries in Houston and Baton Rouge. I will be in contact with you.

  • "I'm thinking about moving back to Dallas. Anybody, anybody looking for a good telephone technician -- here I am," he said with a laugh.

    A local executive with a communications company took Hughes' half-joking comment to heart.
  • Countries from Russia to Venezuela offered assistance for victims of Hurricane Katrina yesterday but said they will wait to hear from the United States what is needed before they send the aid.
    Sympathy and condolences also poured in from around the world.

Just in case you were one of those wondering where the help from other nations is...

  • From the comments:

just wanted to let everyone know that UT-Austin is offering admission to students from New Orleans' universities and colleges, plus office space and use of libraries and other facilities to faculty and grad students. Details here.


Thanks again for the good news links, the bad news is so prevelant and frustrating.

so do you have a paypal thing setup where we donate and you buy the supplies and get them shipped down there? Just wanted to understand...i'd be happy to donate.

I do have a Paypal account, which is linked on the side. I didn't ask people to donate (and I won't), but if anyone wants to, feel free, just make sure you mark it as "katrina" or something.

And thank you.

My son reports that word has gone out over the Rainbow Family network suggesting that people experienced in running group kitchens under adverse conditions in the National Forests should head toward the disaster area and contribute their skills. A dollop of hippieslop produced from the usual recipe of whatever's available beats the heck out of hunger.

Saw this on the WWL-TV blog:
Stories of armed, roving gangs going around town looting every business they come across have been overexaggerated by the national media.
More like not-as-bad news rather than good news, I know. Also, some power has been restored in Terrebonne Parish, according to the blog.

A few more links with people looking for info and family members: Katrina Aftermath Blog and Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog

Here's a bit more good news:


If you are familiar at all with the way New Orleans is, this will maek you smile.

Rumors of divine intervention swirl around statue
Hunt is on for Jesus’ finger

By James Varney
Staff Writer NOLA.com

In the garden behind St. Louis Cathedral on Royal Street lies an incredible tangle of zig-zagging broken tree trunks and branches, mixed with smashed wrought iron fences.
But right in the middle, a statue of Jesus is still standing, unscathed by the storm, save for the left thumb and index finger, which are missing.
The missing digits immediately set off speculation of divine intervention.
New Orleans has a long history praying to saints for guidance and protection in times of great peril. In fact it was Our Lady of Prompt Succor who was said to be responsible for saving the Ursulines Convent in the French Quarter from a raging fire that consumed the rest of the city centuries ago.
Since then, New Orleanians have prayed to the saint for protection from natural disasters. On Saturday, Archbishop Alfred Hughes read a prayer over the radio asking for Our Lady's intervention to spare the city a direct hit by Hurricane Katrina.
Many in the Quarter are now saying it was the hand of Jesus, the missing digits to be precise, that flicked the hurricane east just a little to keep the city from suffering a direct blow.
And the search is one for those missing fingers.
Shortly after Katrina passed, several men went to Robert Buras, who owns the Royal Street Grocery and told him they know who has the finger. Buras said he'd give them all the water and beer they need if they bring him the finger. They told him they'd find it and asked to be paid upfront. But Buras told them he wouldn't take it on credit
"I'm going to find Jesus' finger,'' Buras said. “I've got a lead on it.”

I would be willing to bet that any CVS store can direct you to worthwhile places to donate and help. I've cleaned out my closet (needed doing anyway) and took a load of clothing to the Salvation Army, plus sent a donation for the Katrina Relief Fund to Catholic Charities - and again, they have offices in every major city. Captain's Quarters blog has recommended them and I agree with their reasoning - there's a lower cost of administration with CC which means more ACTUAL help gets where it needs to go. And incidentally, the various Jewish Community Centers throughout the country will likely also be running some sort of relief effort.

Hey Michelle--just wanted to let everyone know that UT-Austin is offering admission to students from New Orleans' universities and colleges, plus office space and use of libraries and other facilities to faculty and grad students. Details here.

I dont have a Paypal account that I can use. I'd really love to contribute to the school supplies project though. Any other way I can donate or help?

I have contacts at Walgreens that might be able to help get supplies at a discount. I'll find out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Houston schools are taking displaced New Orleans students in also - Rice is taking in Tulane students, and TSU is taking students also.

Our public schools have opened their doors to accept any school-age children that need a school to attend. Both within Houston and in the outer areas also.