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Help Find the Missing

Matt had an idea:

He created a guest login for people that would like to post requests for information about loved ones.

I know there are a lot of sites doing this, but blogs tend to rise to the top of Google searches (and quickly, at that) so if people post the info on blog, perhaps someone doing a search for a loved one will find the info quicker.

Andy is doing it also.

I've had trouble with open logins in the past and I won't be home to monitor the site, so if anyone wants to leave information about finding relatives, please use the comments, and then go over to the links provided above and post at those sites.

Please also use this if you are trying to let people know you are ok. Just put in your name and where you are now.

And the more bloggers that do this, the more likely the names will pop up in searches and, hopefully, the more likely that people will be reunited with loved ones or at least get some info on them.


You are a mensch. (I think that's a good thing)

Uncle Donn Cozzens Byrne, 67, Biloxi, Fernwood Rd. last contact 0530 Mon. by phone, veteran. family in Milwaukee WI contact Heather 414 354 4299 or 601 938 9888

Looking for information on:

Kay Kelly-Brown, N. Dorgenois St
Paul Stewart, Endeavors Ct.
Carol Henry-Jeanjaques, St. Ann St.

These people below are looking for you!
Kerensa Davis, Curran Blvd,
F. Jeanene Stewart, Louisa Dr.
Monicka Bolling, Allen St.
Carolyn Roberson Louisa Dr.

Are ALL OK. They are in a shelter at
Second Baptist Church Angleton TX 77515
contact them at 979-849-7220