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Blogging for Aid

I've joined the Katrina Blogging Relief Aid blog burst thingie. I'll be making my plea post in the morning. I think we're supposed to pick one charity to ask our readers to give to, but I'm really not sure which one to choose. I'd like to find one that gives directly to the victims of the hurricane; maybe one that has people headed down their to physically give money/goods to the victims. The less bureaucracy the better. And I'm not picky about religious denominations or political motivations or what not - as long as they get the goods/money their, I don't care what they stand for or who they pray to.

Any suggestions?


Mercy Corps is good for that in the intermediate and longer term - they focus a lot on helping people get their livelihoods back. They're very efficient and have an emergency response system already in place. http://www.mercycorps.org/

Also, The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is good. 100% of donations go to the people who need it and they also have a response and delivery system in place. umcor.org


I know the Red Cross website stated that they needed cash in order to purchase the necessary items for all the survivors of the hurricane.

Red Cross

Red Cross or Salvation Army. You know who they are and what they will do with it. They also keep "administrative" costs low so more reaches the victims.

Salvation Army—their adminstrative costs are amazingly low. They're one of the most efficient organizations in the field.

I went with The Brett Farve foundation. It seems to be going right to the people that directly need it, not some big fund and then doled out...


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