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New Orleans is all but destroyed.

I keep wanting to write about it.

But what can you say about that?

Relief aid:

Second Harvest
Feed the Children
Heart to Heart
Trained volunteers needed (this is a local story, but I'm sure if you call your local Red Cross, they will have info on volunteering)

Maybe I'll take up a collection here at work. You just feel like you should be doing something instead of sitting here gawking at pictures of people stuck on their roofs, waters rising, with nowhere to go, picture of people looting, reading stories about floating bodies and a man who had to let go of his wife in order to save his children....

Ugh. Just emailed from a friend:

They're reporting possibly "hundreds" of people killed in Biloxi, and one of their correspondents just had a nightmarish report of authorities in Hancock County, Mississippi, going house-to-house and spray-painting houses with different colors of paint depending upon whether the inhabitants are dead or not. Black if there are corpses inside, red if they're only injured. They can't get them out right now so this is the best they can do.

I am just going to cry. We had something terrible happen here at work today that has left me a bit drained and now, finally getting around to looking at all the news clips and reading the stories and going on Fark and seeing how many familiar TFers are still waiting to hear from family and friends, people who haven't heard from parents, and seeing captions on CNN like "survivors screaming for help" and - what can you do? What can you do besides sit here and, what? Wait for it all to come out ok? It's not going to, in fact, the news keeps getting worse, if anything. I heard someone jumped to his death from the upper seats in the Superdome, that it's hot as hell in there and the toilets aren't working but these people have nowhere to go, no homes to go to.

Anyhow, like I said. I don't know what to say, but I feel like I should say something. Anyone know how to go about setting up a drive for clothing, diapers, etc. and getting the stuff shipped down there, who to contact or anything?

Update: Val has some links and phone numbers and is offering t-shirts in exchange for your donations.


I just found a list of charities to help Hurricane Katrina victims here:


You have such a good heart, michele.

I've read a couple of places that it's better to donate money than send stuff.

Glenn Reynolds just mentioned possibly doing a collective blogathon on Thursday for hurricane relief.

I too, havent been able to post about this. It just seems futile in a way. What can my words possibly do to ease the terrible circumstances up there?

I can't stop watching but don't want to believe...places I've lived, loved, got married at, honeymooned at, have friends with a newborn...all just gone. How many times can your heart break?

Some news about [***]. Sad if it proves true.

I don't know what to do either. I've been expecting work to set up a drive for money like they did for the tsunami, but I haven't heard anything yet. Not even a "we're trying to contact all the employees there and make sure they're okay" or anything. It's really weirding me out.

I'll wait a little longer to see if they'll set up a fund to match donations, but then I'm just donating...

Some news about Judge [***]. Sad if it proves true.


Here's a link to the [**] story. For Michele's sake, I hope this isn't true.


Please do not mention any names on the site, thank you.

I am sorry if I broke a rule. With his named published in the article that it was fine.

No, no, not your fault. Mine.