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Name the Kitty Poll!

First, here's kittykat:

click for bigger

Now, the names and corresponding pictures:

Coraline (Neil Gaiman book)
Mathilda, from the movie Leon)
Yoshi, of Mario World fame

You CAN fill in "other" and make a different suggestion. If I like it, I'll add it in. I already considered all the names in the thread from the other night.

[Poll is below the fold so as not to slow down the page]


It just hit me. Gaz.

So I voted for Gaz.

Chewie (for Chewbacca) was my uncle's cat's name (way back when the movies first came out.) He had a Black cat (name, of course, Darth) and Chewie.

Anyway, thus I voted for Yoshi.

Shame on those of you who are voting Other without entering a suggestion.

How 'bout Halle (as in Berry) in honor of the classic, award-winning movie Catwoman

Maybe "other" is their suggestion.

Pussy Galore.

Mehetibel. See this page: http://www.donmarquis.org/

page down a little past the google stuff

I'm really surprised no one else has suggested 'Katrina'.

I am assuming you mean Mathilda from the movie "The Professional". Leon was the name of the "cleaner" who saved Mathilda and taught her the trade. I just got that one on DVD. Gary Oldham not only chews up the scenery in that one, he swallows it, digests it, and craps it back out....

Actually, Zipity, the original name of the movie is Léon.

Ah yes, I forgot they renamed it when they released it here, mea culpa.

Finally came up with a good one: Yorrack.

That way, when people keep asking for a photo of...

I voted for Coraline and I'm smacking myself for not thinking of it in the first place. Cora is a good 'call' name....that's one of my tests when thinking of a name, seeing how it sounds when saying "Come here _____________, kittykittykitty".

'course, there's always Clarabelle....

No. Enough.

....or how about Ruby (as in Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element).

Good God, stop me before I think of any more.

Seriously - I've always found it easier to think of girl cat names that boy ones. Anna and I finally named our two new kittens; mine is Pippin and hers is Rebel. Took us almost a week to decide, and that was after searching cat name sites, and looking at all the cats on the 'stuff on my cat' site and the 'vote for my cat' site and anywhere else we could think of. I should have just pulled out the phone book - that's how I came up with the name Smiley for a cat I had back in Colorado.