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caption, please

Something non-hurricane for you.


I loved this band with all my heart right up until about, oh, three weeks ago. Then something snapped. I think I just reached my saturation level. There's such a thing as overexposure, guys.

Anyhow, caption away, or just make fun of them for being middle aged guys in eyeliner.


We're happy to announce that our next CD will be titled, "Jump the Shark"

I loved this band with all my heart right up until about, oh, when American Idiot came out and they jumped aboard the anti-Bush bandwagon. Guess they didn't think anybody would buy their album unless they were political.

Despite American Idiot being anti-Bush, I thought it was a fabulous album, especially Jesus of Suburbia.

Hey, Strummer? Roll in your grave, grandpa."

Man, would I like to truly tatoo that color eyeliner on that snippy little dip.

I thought American Idiot was a fantastic album - I still listen to it almost constantly. I may not agree with the sentiment, but whatever. It's music - a great album.

Not only was American Idiot political, it sucked. And the singles they choose from it were among the worst tracks on the album. They should have hung it up after one of their songs was turned in a prom theme.(Good Ridance)

I used to love this band, they were among my favorites, but they should've quit while they were ahead. It's almost as depressing watch fake agnst from 40-year-old's as it was to have to watch Emmitt Smith play in a freaking Arizona Cardinals jersey.

"Our fashion coordination is an expression of our rebellion against the bourgeois establishment. Stick to The Man--with style!"

I liked them up until about, oh, 1994 or so.

"Punk" bands don't make concept albums or rock operas. If Joey Ramone would have suggested that to Johnny or Ritchie, he'd get punched.

Mid-70s prog-rock bands made concept albums. Green Day is the new ELP

"Maybe they're born with it...Maybe it's Maybelline."

"We drew straws, and I get to put it up my ass first."

They shoulda quit after Dookie.

Their new video gives me shivers...puke shivers.

I wish we could show 2005 Green Day to 1994 Green Day.

Green Day = the next U2 (the horror!)

Although I like Green Day, I don't know any of the guys names off the top of my head.

The guy on the left (the bass player?) looks like Harry in Dumb and Dumber. The singer looks like an Alice Cooper wannabe with that eyeliner and the guy on the right looks like he stole his outfit from Han Solo.

Chewie, angle the deflector sheilds...

Farmer Joe: Bingo!

albo: "Ritchie"???
Good Bejebus, dude...Ritchie???
Yeesh! I mean, ????

(Yes, it requires that many Q marks, when you're avoiding cursing a blue streak even She Who Must Be Acknowledged Even if Only With a Nod of the Head might not put up with....)

Are you out of your mind? Or just young?
You're from where, Iowa?

Picture Billy Joe with puffed out hair and sporting a couple extra pounds and voila! Robert Smith.

That recent video (Wake me When September Ends?) is one of the most wretchedly sentimental pieces of crap I've ever seen. And the song sucks too.

Video Killed the Video Stars

They're still a great band. "American Idiot" is a lot more pleasing to me than their last few albums, discounting the title track. "Jesus of Suburbia," is the kind of track they couldn't have done a few years ago, probably precisely because folks would pull out the "a punk band can't write a concept album" stuff along side the typical "if it's over 3 minutes long, it's not punk" stuff. They don't need to worry about that anymore; their money's in the bank.

I think the only people who care about the "punk" label these days are fat old critics and 12 year old girls trying to out-hip their friends. They write some great pop songs, and that's about it.

What, did he use a bricklayer's trowel to put on the eyeliner?

It's as if Dave Vanian and Rat Scabies had fraternal triplets.

The VMA for Most Overrated Band goes too...

Have the album. Liked it, but I didn't love it. Most of the middle just blends together into a monotonous whiney wail. Once Bush is out of office, no one will remember it.

Are you out of your mind? Or just young?Ritchie?

i swear to god that i thought i was typing deedee. of course not ritchie or even marky or tommy.

Man all these awards are so anti-corporate dude!

Now I know I'm old. Not only did I not know the band by sight, I don't get most of the references in the comments.


Trish, you're not alone. Who the hell are they and how the hell can they be middle aged already? Green Day's from Berkeley so if that's what informs their politics, it's a unix-acid re-hash of prepackaged socialistcal anti-nuke ennui - they don't really know suburbia as well or easily as they make fun of it.
Saw the Ramones at the Santa Cruz Civic in '80 opening for Bob Marley - had to be one of the weirdest show-pairings ever - weird is typically Santa Cruz.

"I hear Jimmy Carter won a Nobel for doing what we did on this album. Still, our award looks cooler."

No caption... They ripped off thier sound technically from Samiam (from the same scene and city) they have always been second to Superchunk and really, they have always sucked. Doesn't surprise me that they were the ones picked up to fire off the neo punk junk movement. They match Blink 182 and Sum 41 perfectly... embarrassing really.

I liked Green Day until my x decided that "I walk alone" was his personal martyr song.

LOL, carol....I guess that was one of those "Are you trying to tell me something?" moments.


I first ran across these guys in maybe May of 1994, when my girlfriend said "Hey, you'll like these guys. They play that punky stuff you listen to!" I gagged when I heard it - still do at age 30. :)

Transvestite du executive, transvestite du action, and Anthony Clark with downs.

Well, at least it was truth in advertising when they named their album. Another classic case of STFU and play music.

I don't know how old you all are, but you are very mistaken about the gents in Green Day. Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool & Mike Dirnt were each born in 1972. When did being in your 30's become middle aged? WTF kind of society have we become where 30 is washed up and over the hill? I guess at the hearty age of 52 I must be a rotting old punk corpse to you. Geez. IMO it's not a great cd, deserving of all those VMA's? Not sure. I am not anti-Bush, but I enjoyed most of the music over the words.

I dunno. I think 33 is too old for the Good Charlotte School of Eyeliner.

Why does the eyeliner bug me so much? Is it because it makes them seem like they're trying too hard to be bad boys?.

Alice Cooper did it better.

What's really creepy is that when I saw this picture I thought I was looking at an ad for Jon Favreau's 'Dinner for Five', with Michael Rapaport on the left and Noah Wyle on the right. I'm stumped on the guy that looks like a raccoon.

Well you got to feel sorry for the lads...I mean they are punks yet they are going to an award ceremony. They have to have a bit of rebellion so they wear eyeliner...

If they were really rock & roll they would not need eye-liner to have that panda eye look...it would be natural!

So when can we expect someone to get a music award for a song that is pro-Bush or America?

I've hated this band with all my heart, soul and fiber of my being ever since the first time I heard them.. they were the first of a truly pitiful "new-punk" run that disgraces everything punk. when they were recognized after Dookie as the "godfathers of new punk" I wanted so badly to put a bullet in each of thier heads... but that would have made them the "john lennons of new punk" wouldn't it...

and they suck to boot.

I have nothing but contempt for all the little "true" punks who turn their little punkier-than-you noses up at Green Day, and for all the snarky little folks who want to take pot-shots at them over their politics. Yeah, they've made a few compromises and a few mis-steps along the way. Yeah, they're fairly far to the left politically. So the feck what? NOBODY gets through life without making any compromises or mistakes.

I got to see them live for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago - Green Day is still a kick-ass rock & roll band. They had enormous energy and enthusiasm and put on a fantastic show. I couldn't care less about their numerical ages.

ok, so they are mtv whores now, but they have been a band for ages now, and deserve to take the fake, glittering mainstream route if they want to - honestly, if you were in their position, what would you do? id bet most people would take the money and fame.