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Somebody please expain to me

Why R. Kelly is popular?

Who buys those Trapped in a Closet songs?

Why is he live on MTV lyp synching every part to Closet, part 4?

What kind of drugs to you have to be on or what kind of retarded do you have to be to enjoy this?

Why does this child molesting egomaniac have a career? And a lucrative one at that?

Who listens to the closet songs - and the Sex in the Kitchen song - with a straight face?

Please explain these things to me.

Because watching Mr. Kelly do his schtick just now, and watching half the audience go crazy for it, I just lost all hope for humanity.

Ok, you know what? The dude's just out of his freaking mind. That's all there is to it. He's freaking insane. There's really something wrong with his grey matter.


Too bad that's not in NOLA right now. Darwin should apply...

I don't get it either.

Another thing I don't get is peeing on underaged girls. Or applauding a guy who does.

Uh, just to be clear,I suppose I don't "get" peeing on girls once they've reached the age of majority either.

Well I havent seen him on MTV I was watching Rome on HBO.

That reminds me...I need to hunt down MTV on my channel list and delete it.

I was watching 'Wanted' on TNT. Great show.

MTV? What's that?

When I was in high school back in the 1980's there was this cable TV channel that played great music videos!

What ever happened to that channel?

remix to ingintion is pretty catchy.

I watch Fuse now for anything music related. Plus, they play Coheed and Cambria videos on it!

I will admit to watching the new Headbanger's Ball on MTV2, though. They turned me on to Avenged Sevenfold.

I rarely watch MTV (we prefer Fuse for music related tv), but when your son calls from his room "Oh my god, you have to see this, R. Kelly is FREAKING INSANE!" then you tune in.

MTV shows videos?

NO...get out! I thought they only broadcasted white trashy celeb a-holes and hip-hop thugs with dumbassed cars.

Hey, R's just another black man being oppressed by The Man.

It's not like they have him on video or...mmmmm,never mind.

That was the most excruciating thing I think I ever watched.