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and i will hug him and squeeze him and call him george!

Well, not George. Because it's a SHE.

And SHE is a wonderful, wanted birthday present from my sister, bro-in-law and nephew (who adopted this kitty's sister):

kitty3 kitty2 kitty1
click all for bigger

That's right - I am officially a CAT BLOGGER!! (And I almost titled this post "some pussy for my birthday").

So this cat needs a name. This isn't a contest or anything, I'm just looking for suggestions because I SUCK when it comes to naming live objects. My kids are lucky they aren't called Girl and Boy.

My first idea was to name it Alano. So I can say, "This is my cat...Alano." Get it? My last name is Catalano and....yea, anyhow.

Next idea was Leeloo (as in Fifth Element). But I don't want to spend my days explaining to people that we don't mean Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Also considered: Zelda, Lenore and Mathilda.

Natalie wanted to name it Dog. No.

Suggestion box is officially open.


I named a friend's cat "Llama," so that's taken.

How about Spanky?

Welcome to the Dark Side. You are now officially owned by a cat.

Cee - like my cat.

No, ok sorry.

Georgia. or Georgina. or... OR... Mr. Tibs!

PITA Pain In The Ass

What about Samus? After all, it's a she!

she's so CUTE!

I like Zelda ...

but I don't know if you should listen to me. We have 2 black cats named Lucky and Spot, both decidedly dog names. We also have 2 neighborhood strays that co-habitate on our back porch that answer to Milkshakes and Bo (was Bo/Daisy unti we figured out he was a he).

I also am partial to the name Iggy but I've yet to be adopted by a cat that looks like an Iggy.

ok ... i'm officially that crazy librarian blogger that talks too much about her cats ...

Ya know... I try to use Looney Tunes references all the time and no one seems to pick up on it!

No, I think you were ok with your first suggestion - George as short for Georgina (that way you can still use the quote).


What else would you name a striped cat but:


I've thought about renaming my cat Bueller to "GETTHEFUCKOFFOFTHAT" because it would save me a lot of time.

Georgia is my daughter, so I highly don't recommend that name.

I'm trying to remember some of my old C=64 games and if there were any characters in there you could use. Otherwise, early 80's video games would work. Galaga, DigDug, Xevious, Yar....


Elbereth Gilthoniel or
Galadriel or
Arwen or

You could name her Ash. She's gray, so it rather fits. And Ash is short for Ashley, which is a unisex name.

BTW, she's adorable. She reminds me a bit of one of my cats - Portia, although without the white socks.

Yoko Ono
Mata Hari
Fur Face

If I could rename my own kitties one would definately be called Lenore. The other would be Squish. 'Cause you know, kittes make the coolest sounds when you squish them ever so gently :-)

You could call her Mrs. Lawson since that will be the only pussy that will ever have my last name.

/my love life suxs
//why did i just tell you that?


Based on the color her eyes appear to be, I suggest "Amber".

"But I can't say Sylvester, George."

Our cat's name is "Kittydawg," named such because she used to fetch when she was younger.

How 'bout:

KC (kitty cat)

You do realize that whatever name you choose, she will still only be called "here kitty, kitty" or "cat, get out of the way."


Phyllis Gene (favorite male Maine Coon of ours)
Nala (a rescued female kitty)
Bowser (our newest kitty baby)

Toonces would rank fairly high on my list of cat names. Or Schroedinger.

I dunno, but when I saw the pictures I thought this cat looked like a Groucho. But then, Groucho's probably not a stellar name for a girl.

Happy to be of no help whatsoever.

Norma Tanega has already anticipated this issue:

I'm walkin' all around the town
Singin' all the people down
Talkin' around, talkin' around

Me and my cat named Dog
Are walkin' high against the fog
Singin' the sun
Singin' the sun

Happy, sad and crazy wonder
Chokin' up my mind
With perpetual dreamin'

Driftin' up and down the street
(Driftin' up and down the street)
Searchin' for the sound of people
(Searchin' for the sound of people)
Swingin' their feet, swingin' their feet

Dog is a good old cat (dog is a good old cat)
People what you think of that
(People what you think of that)
That's where I'm at, that's where I'm at

Even Girl and Boy should like it.

By the by, we had a cat growing up. Her original name was Squeaker, but that evolved into 'Stupid' because it was the only thing she'd answer to.

Oh. Girl did like it. Too bad. :)

(My greatest fear, of course, is that Andrea will remember this song.)

When my friend was younger and his mom was pregnant with her brother, she asked him and his sister what the baby should be called. They decided on "Leviathan" and so when the baby was born, it was named Levi.

Therefore, I suggest Leviathan.

Besides, I'm reserving Mr. Meow for someday when I get a cat.

How about Georgy Girl? (I can't be the only person around who remembers the song as well as the movie). About Zelda-- I have a friend with a thirteen-year-old grey and white cat named Zelda-- very much a temperamental Southern belle, just like Scott Fitzgerald's wife.

My dad's childhood cat as named useless. Seemed appropriate.

My son said that if he ever had a cat, he'd name it dog.

That's all I've got.


you the cat

The first name works when you're talking to her. The last name works when you're talking about her.

She'll handle second person by herself.

She knows her name. If your're lucky, she'll tell you. If you're really lucky, she'll tell you before you start calling her something else.

Your instinct for Zelda is a good one. Other cats that I have known and loved: Veruca, Napster & Jovi

How about NIN?

Here are female cat names I've used in the past (and present):

Buffy - the cat who reigns supreme now.

Yeah - I like names that end in the "ee" sound...somehow it sounds better when calling them. Although I've also had male cats named Bob, Pickles, and B.C. (Big Cat). Anna and I just adopted two male kittens; I've named mine Pippen and she's still working on a name for hers. We thought it was a female and she'd planned on Isabelle, but that's out now and she is having trouble coming up with a good boy name.

You could always use Ignatz and call her Iggy (after the mouse in the old cartoon).

Dogs have masters, cats have servants. Welcome to the wonderful world of service to fuzzbutts.

Why not cut ro the chase
  • Yes, Mistress
  • Blog Material

A word of warning: Teach her early that the keyboard is off limits when you are using it. It stops being cute real fast.




Damn it, someone said Sammy already. Hagar is such a pussy....

No, not iCat. Neumann, from Seinfeld? Wordpress? Nuclear? W?

George would work....after "Nancy Drew's mannish friend".

Lola is a good name, too.

Pussy Galore
Sweetie Pie (for the Mr. Show reference)

They do respond better (if at all,they are cats after all) to names ending with "ee".I had 4 cats when Imoved to CA,the last one standing is Elby,short for "Little Bitty Kitty Head",but there was a time when she went by Elbarina,as in "heeey,Elbarina" ( macarena phase)
so with that my suggerstion is
"Beebo"(internal "ee")


or just
Hey Stupid

Our cat is called Inu - which is japanese for dog - so I think Natalie has the right idea

Underfoot is generally a good descriptive name for cats

We took in a stray once, and found her a new home--the new owners called her "Laya," because all she did was lay around. "Leia" would be even better--good Star Wars name.

Katya -Colossus pet name for Kitty Pride.
Penney Lane for her copper eyes.
Kaylee for "Firefly" engineer.

The poor thing looks terrified, probably scared that you are going to throw it to the gator or the sharks.

And, Nat, I had a cat named Dog and she was a great friend.

Resuming blog silence.

P.S. Happy B'day and 'versary

Now truly resuming blog silence...


/Adult Swim

"So you can always walk into a room and yell, "Grandma took a shit on the carpet!""

awww she looks at lot like my 16 year old
when she was a kitty

how bout
naming her in homage to the things you've tried to so here
on your ass kicking site
and call her

Victory- Vic for short

Olive, perhaps? The third photo made me think of Popeye.

My new kitten is named Lance because I like the old TV show Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, but even after 6 weeks I still call him Baby Kitty.

The GF's cats are Indie and Liberty (who I refer to as Old Man and The Bitch). Mine are Ozee and Lance.

You can see a couple pix of him at http://www.flickr.com/photos/23217367@N00/

regardless of name, i can't wait until she's old enough for you to put stuff on her.

how about something simple. like "Wondercat."? (named after the dog in "Summer School", which we just watched yesterday)

or. Ashtray? it's grey. it makes (a little) sense. Ash for short.

or. Schmoopie? nah. i give.

ok, this is really dumb, but you can name her "Elle."

so now, you're no longer "One L Michele." she's your extra L/Elle.

hey, it's no worse than Cat Alano. hahahahah

Frances - "Lighten up, Francis"

Donny - "Shut the fuck up, Donny"

Dude - "or El Dudarino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing"

Why don't you name her Katrina for several obvious reasons (one being that it is my niece's name).

Name it 'Donny' (I know it's a girl, work with me here) so that any time it meows at you, you can offer such helpful suggestions as, "Shut the fuck up Donny!" or, "You're out of your element Donny!" or, "You have no frame of reference Donny."

Best. Name. Ever.

Ms. Meowy Chompsalot.

Sorry I suck at this. My last cat's name was Bosco.

Actually, she's not gray -- she's a silver tabby. How 'bout Silva Dolla?


I knew I was forgetting one of my cats last night! We had a big long haired tabby with green eyes and an orange name...she was gorgeous. My sons named her Princess Leia, but of course we just called her Leia. And yes, she was spoiled.

We also had a boy cat who was grey with darker grey markings; he had the greenest eyes I've ever seen in a cat. We called him Dusty(which could work for a male or a female) because he looked like a little dust bunny running around on the floor.

In my family, pets are named according to themes. My parents had literary cats for a while (Gummitch from a Fritz Leiber story, and Tanith after Tanith Lee), lizards named after tyrants (Genghis and Kublai and Attila), and right now I have Arthurian cats (NimuŽ and Percival.) The advantage to this is that when you have a theme, you just have to determine which name is appropriate.

Or you could pick a name that reminds you of something. My sister and her husband got a cat just after their Italian honeymoon, and named her Panino after the calls of the sandwich vendors as a reminder.

Yes, they have a cat named "Sandwich."

Aw!! what a cutie. I got a tiger cat last year. His name is Joey (Ramone- if you ask me, a Yu Gi Oh character if you ask the kids)

Awwww! She looks like she needs some scritches, whatever her name ends up to be!

That is one sweet little kitty.

I have some cats. Names for cats, in my experience, just sort of pop out of nowhere based on some random thought the cat inspires. Those are the names that stick, even if you already picked out another name. Unless it's a name of a character from I Claudius, in which case that will stick too.

Since you asked, though:

1. Donut
2.Hair band
3. Agrippina (Ag -grip - EENA)


Since cats walk around in the litter box I would name her Miss Poo-Poo Paws.

4. Braaiinns.

I've got these two cats that look alike, all black, and for a long time, a couple of years, they were "waterbug A" and "waterbug B."

Til this one day when my husband woke up to the sound of crunching. I went to investigate when I heard my husband give a somewhat girlish shout of dismay. It was a wattybug with a very young and cute wild bunny she had dragged through the open window. It was all there except for half it's head. So I guess to cats reall rabbits are a lot like chocolate rabbits.

Anyway, from that day forth, mostly to tease my grossed out husband, Waterbug B is "Braaiiins".

Yeah, she's definitely a Lenore.

Let her name herself. Give yourself a week or two to see what she does, what she likes, how she acts. My first Tigger had a stupid name which I will not reveal, until after about two weeks, I realized he kept making four-legged hops--he bounced. Orange, stripes, and bouncing--it's a no-brainer.

My second Tig was named after the first. He doesn't bounce, but he hugs. Gracie got her name because I was trying to let them name themselves, even though I knew all along I was going to call Tig Tig, so I called them George and Gracie just until I could find their names. Gracie never got another name, and I finally realized it's because she is a CAT. She is grace personified. She didn't want another name, which is why she never got one. Well, now I call her Sweetness and Princess and Pain in the Ass, but doesn't everyone have nicknames for their pets?


Buffy's got nicknames...lol. Buffalo Gal is one. Missy Fat Pants because from behind she looks like a professional WalMart shopper, if you catch my drift. And She-Devil when she's been bad.

Our cat, Meadow, is nicknamed Snake Pliskins. She likes to unhinge her jaw and bite our computer chairs. that's right, our chairs.

What's wrong with George? I have a calico at my parents named George because I wanted to "Hug her, and cuddle her..."

Katrina :)
Lady Grimalkin

Get to know her personality first, then pick her name. She can be Cat for a few days. Had I done the same thing, a couple of my cats would have different names today, which I think would suit them better. Or email her personality traits, as best you can describe them, and I'll produce a list of names you can pick from. Because, as we all know, The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter...

Then there is always the nickname of "DAMNYOUCAT!"

My cat's name is Truman. Were I to get another, he would be Cooper.

I liked the Twin Peaks.

Cooper'd work for a girl... you can feel free to borrow the name, if you'd like. When I get the second cat, we can help you find a new name.

How about Seeaytee. (Its supposed to sound like C-A-T.)

To bad your sister's cat isn't a male. Then you could go with Athena and Apollo. (Not a Greek Mytholgy referrence)

Well, my cat is name Pretty Pretty Princess Ickthor the Destroyer. The dog is named Gwenner (means Friday in Welsh), and I have had a ton of rats name after italian mobsters. My favorites were Guido, Nunzio, and Fat Tony.

Personally I'd go with "Dammit" or "Dog"

My mother hates every name I have ever come up with for my animals. Hee hee.

Oh yeah, we just call the cat Icky.

If you want to meet your daughter partway - I suggest Sabaka. It's Russian for "dog" and it sounds like a cat name.

We have a dog named Koshka - Russian for "Cat". I married a crazy person.

Love the russian names.

I've got a cat with one. She's named "Pushkin" -
not after Alexander, but my Pimsleur course Russian tape.

Cat's full name is "Pushkinska Oolistsa"

ooolitsa, that is

What a gorgeous kittykat! I am so jealous. You realize you must give everyone here visitation privileges now.

I am with those people who are telling you to hold off for a day or five; she will tell you her name soon enough.

but that gray, spirit-like color is crying out for some recognition. She definitely shows a transcendant vibe in the pix.


Why, yes, I AM a nerd, whatever gave it away?

I would say name her Malikai (sounds likc Mal-i-ki). She looks just like my precious kitten Malikai that passed 4 years ago, she had a little sister named chewy, My son named both kittens before he passed. Unfortunatly malikai and my son Dominique passed 2 weeks within each other. maybe Malikai was heart broken. But as soon as i saw that kitten i saw an old friend. She is a beauty. I hope she is named a beautiful name.